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An institution to foster impactful leadership in the complex and uncertain world of the 21st century - John Etchemendy

A new paradigm of interwoven learning to create relevant, meaningful jobs in the future – Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Create a new generation of thinking Indians who will contribute to the development of the globe - Raghuram Rajan

About Krea University

Krea University’s mission is to enable high potential individuals to learn to create positive, catalytic impact, in a dynamic and diverse world.

What does it take to be a leader in a world shaped by the fluid relationship between humans, machines and the environment? First, the ability to learn to learn, to adapt and be resilient. Second, a sense of purpose that answers why we do what we do. Third, an understanding of how an individual’s thoughts and actions impact society. And finally, a moral compass that always points true north.

Undergraduate Programmes in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
B.A. Honours/B.Sc. Honours

Some of the finest minds in the world have come together to design Krea University’s unique undergraduate programmes, specifically to deliver the above four outcomes.

Krea University’s B.A. Honours/B.Sc. Honours degrees include required core and skills courses, chosen concentration courses, chosen electives, interdisciplinary core, immersive, experiential learning, capstone thesis and co-curriculars. This structure coupled with the extensive use of technology tools, helps students analyse information and synthesize knowledge, to design experiments and attempt to solve real-world problems; and in doing so, they learn.

High potential students, keen to make a difference

Rigorous, merit driven, multi-dimensional admissions process

Unique interwoven learning process

Enabling deep expertise in chosen concentrations with broad based awareness; co-curriculars to develop wellness and aesthetic sensitivity; capstone thesis

Immersive experiential learning

Immersive, hands-on projects and internships to experience the real world; guidance and mentoring by faculty and practicing professionals

Readying leaders for a world of opportunities

Leaders with a sense of purpose, societal consciousness and ethics; ready for higher education, corporates, not-for-profit, Government, entrepreneurship

Admissions open for B.A. (Hons.) and B.Sc. (Hons.) commencing on Aug 2019.
Apply now.

Committed Governing
& Academic Councils

Finest of minds coming together to create a new paradigm of learning.

& Partnerships

Establish an expanding set of collaborations and partnerships with corporates, NGOs, governments, universities and high achievers to provide the best of learning opportunities.

Reputed & Expert
Faculty Pool

Select scholars, teachers and researchers who are at the top
of their chosen fields; to create
a unique learning experience

Campus Life

Provide a secure, learning friendly campus, a talented peer group and an enriching set of activities well beyond the classroom.

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