“Larger Intervals Are Brighter” – Finding Healing Pause in the Pandemic

The Krea community welcomed the second edition of Weavenings with a jugalbandi of stories, poetry and music between Prof. Hariharan Krishnan and Prof. Anannya Dasgupta

Not long ago, the Krea community could just meet in the corridors, or share a cup of Narsimhalu’s coffee to have the conversations that bond us. The lockdown has made us aware of how precious our time together is, and how it is not to be taken for granted. To that end, Krea has envisioned Weavenings as a way to keep the informal, joyous conversations going. Encouraged by the positive response to Weavings 1, we organized a second to think about how to keep our spirits up in times of crisis.

To frame the Weavening, Hari brought us to a concept in music – of large intervals, or longer pauses that the mind perceives to be bright. This is why music can help us feel better. His playlist of music with large intervals from Mozart to Hamsadhwani, punctuated his anecdotes of survival and determination. Anannya spun Hari’s stories to see what that means to survive the lockdown in the activities of dailiness. Starting with Mary Oliver’s poem “Today” that goes deep into stillness, she read several of her own poems, from the ongoing Daily Riyaaz, about pauses that even cooking and yoga can offer as places of large, bright, and healing intervals of time.

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