Payment Ecosystems, Leadership & Data Science at PayPal

May 30, 2020: In an insightful session, Dr. V. Chandramouliswaran spoke to the students at IFMR GSB, Krea University and punctuated the interaction with lessons from his decade long journey at PayPal.

Sharing anecdotes from his inspiring journey at PayPal , Senior Director, Global Financial Crime & Customer Protection and Chennai Center Head shed light on the components that drove phenomenal success for PayPal over the years. He spoke about how the organization dealt with cyber security and disruptive technologies. He also pointed out the value for building relationships and trust being a priority, within the business. Hearteningly, he credited employee engagement to be a key driver for the success at PayPal.

Answering questions on the expectations from students for the corporate world in the emerging future, Dr. Chandramouliswaran added, “Students should always have patience and they should be open to multiple career options as they will have to work in a dynamic environment which will have different requirements, every now and then.”

Guiding the students further, he spoke about the need for them to consistently perform and present their A-game, each day at an organization. He encouraged the habit of eagerness to learn and excellent communication skills for the way forward. He also added how the culture of agility and productivity at an organisation helped with the evolving needs and how this culture would survive any adversity in the way.

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