Super Auto forge: Technology and leadership led growth

Author(s):Prof. N.Chandrasekaran, IFMR GSB

November 2019

The case on Super Auto Forge Ltd (SAF) is focused on the integration of operations perspective and market requirements of the company and relate its growth. Starting from nowhere with an ambition to be an entrepreneur in the space of production-driven business and ability to learn and develop the over time, the company grew to be a leading player supplying to Tier I auto component vendor and to OEMs. The case describes how, in a matter of two decades, the company transformed itself by developing cold forging technology, using an indigenously developed process. Pursuing homegrown technology requires zeal, adoption of excellence in manufacturing and cost advantage for Tier II and Tier I parts assembly units, which were the driving force of SAF and its promoter. During this phase, the company focused on the development of processes and managing implementation, which are the key drivers of its growth not only in India but across the globe specially to developed markets. Leadership of the company believed that locational advantage in facility decision can be exploited for the international growth of the firm, provided the leadership is clear about operations strategy formulation and implementation. It took some key strategic initiatives for SAF growth. This included implementation of quality management processes, continuous improvement through learning and operations and people related HR practices.

Key Words: Operations strategy, Indigenous development, Technology Process, Quality Management, Leadership

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