LEAD at IFI Summit 2021: Exploring meso-level insurance for farmers

The Inclusive Finance Summit went virtual this year and presented a series of exciting events for two days. LEAD at Krea University was a technical partner at the Summit. As part of the engagement, LEAD hosted a panel discussion on ‘Mitigating Agricultural Risks: Meso-level Insurance in Agriculture’ moderated by Fabrizio Valenti, Head, Financial Inclusion. Research Fellow, Sabina Yasmin, presented insights from an ongoing study on the potential of meso-level insurance in protecting farmers from various agricultural risks, supported by CIIE.CO under the Bharat Inclusion Initiative. Other panellists included Mangesh Patankar (Swiss Reinsurance Company) and Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique (Oxfam, Bangladesh). Watch it here. 

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