Prof Sumit Mishra publishes impactful research paper on caste-based residential segregation

IFMR GSB faculty member — Sumit Mishra, Assistant Professor, Economics and Data Science has published an impactful research paper. His paper “Fractal urbanism: City size and residential segregation in India” co-authored with Naveen Bharathi (Harvard University), Deepak Malghan (IIM – Bangalore), and Andaleeb Rahman (Cornell University) was published as a forthcoming article on World Development — an A journal as per the ABDC list and listed amongst the top-five development econ journals. The paper presents the first-ever large-scale snapshot of urban residential segregation in India at the neighbourhood-scale. The analysis from 147 largest cities in contemporary India shows how caste-based residential segregation is independent of city size (with the sample including all cities in India, with at least 0.3 million residents in 2011).

Access a copy of the paper here. For detailed summaries of the paper, visit here and a commentary in Ideas for India here.

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