Student entrepreneurs at Krea launch hygiene kit for COVID-19 protection

Three 2nd-year UG students at the School of Interwoven Arts & Sciences (SIAS), Krea University have stepped into the world of impact entrepreneurship, launching their first product – ‘Pockit: Protect Pack’. A handy hygiene kit, the pack is described as ‘a one-stop pocket-sized solution to keep you safe at your convenience’ bearing COVID-19 in mind. 

The idea of developing a pocket-sized hygiene kit that shields one from the novel Coronavirus came to Arnav Jalan, Munirmahedi Paviwala, and Sravan Sridhar back in April 2020, right in the midst of the outbreak and numerous lockdowns. Witnessing how it became increasingly difficult to carry all the essential items, the pocket-sized solution is designed in such a way that it includes a 3-ply mask, two alcohol swabs, and two sanitiser sachets all encased in a weather-resistant, light-weight pack. 

Priced at INR 125 per unit, Pockit is open for delivery to over 20,000 pin codes in the country and can be purchased online. Thus far, the two students’ maiden product has already entered the market, now available in four retail stores in Mumbai with larger plans in the offing. 
Krea fosters an immersive learning environment, encouraging budding student entrepreneurs to explore their ideas armed with the right tools — passion, resilience and attitude, going beyond domain knowledge and technical skills. Learn more about this ProtectPack here.

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