Prof Srajana Kaikini’s recent papers published by noted international journals

Krea faculty Prof Srajana Kaikini — Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Humanities & Social Sciences & Literature & the Arts — has had two of her recent papers published by renowned international journals. Her most recent paper explores strategies within the arts practice, while the other paper talks about COVID-19 and its social impact.

Her paper titled, ‘The Aesthetics Of Risk in Artistic Practice: What is at Stake?’, has been published in the Kunstlicht Journal 41(4) (2020). ASSESSING RISK: ON STRATEGIES FOR HEALTH, SAFETY, AND WELFARE WITHIN ARTS PRACTICE. The journal regularly features academics, authors, editors and artists sharing their insights on art, visual culture, and architecture. Access the paper here.

Her timely piece on understanding disasters and bringing the ethical language of the collective, bearing COVID-19 in mind, was published by Voices in Bioethics, an online journal in partnership with Columbia University Library. Read the article here.

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