Krea University embarks on an ambitious faculty hiring plan for 2021-22

The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS) at Krea University has embarked on an ambitious program of faculty hiring for the academic year 2021-22. 

At Krea, we take pride in the fact that our world-class faculty uphold our vision of Interwoven learning, representing the very best their disciplines have to offer in teaching, research, and practice. With successive rounds of hiring in full swing, our increased faculty strength will substantially expand areas of expertise and widen the ambit of our curriculum, course offerings, choice of majors, and research agenda.

As a result of an extensive search, a diverse pool of over 40 new hires in full time and visiting positions are slated to join the SIAS faculty cohort in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts. They are outstanding teachers and scholars/practitioners hailing from world renowned institutions in Europe, United States, and Asia (including India) in the  disciplines of economics, psychology, environmental studies, computer science, biological sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, social studies, politics, literature, and the arts.

Here are some of the new faces we will encounter in the coming year:

Abhishek Shukla (literature, philosophy), Bharath Sethuraman (mathematics), Shibi Vasudevan (mathematics), Venkat Srinu Bhadram (physics), Vidya Bharati Rajkumar (economics),  Soumyajit Bhar (environmental studies, economics), Anusnigdha (psychology), Srikumar Subramanian (computer science), Lakshman Varanasi (biology), Sudip Roy (chemistry), Venkateswarlu Panchagnula (chemistry), Swarna Rajagopalan (politics). 

In the process of realising our aim of providing a world-class undergraduate education, we will continue to hire faculty and teaching fellows in all the above areas, more than doubling our current strength. 

Please watch this space for an updated list of new additions to our faculty roster. 

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