‘Career Dialogues 2021’ – Day 2 | 15 May, 09.30 AM IST

After a successful Day 1 of ‘Career Dialogues 2021’, we are delighted to invite you to another eclectic day of panel discussions on career progression opportunities for the graduates of tomorrow.

Much like Day 1, the second day of ‘Career Dialogues 2021’ will feature popular industry voices, academics and educators from reputed organisations and schools of excellence, and our very own Krea students sharing their insights on pursuing History & Politics, Literature & the Arts, Social Studies, and Computer Science & Mathematics as Majors.

The keynote address will be delivered by Mr Glenn RR, Senior Director of Higher Education Partnerships (Global) at Cialfo, highlighting global trends in liberal education based on Cialfo’s extensive work with several schools around the world. The panellists for the day feature representatives from a range of global organisations and institutions including Google, Asia Europe Foundation in Singapore, RN Podar School, The George Institute of Global Health, Centre for Policy Research, Tiger Analytics, The Hindu, Oakridge International School, and several others.

For more information, please visit: https://krea.edu.in/career-dialogues-2021/

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