Research study by IFMR GSB faculty accepted to various prestigious peer reviewed conferences

“Does Gender-based Awareness Campaign Improve Girls’ Educational and Learning Outcomes? Empirical Evidence from India”  by Prof Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay co-authored with Sona Mitra, Sayli Javadekar and Narbadeshwar Mishra Empirical Evidence from India” has been accepted for various prestigious peer reviewed conferences across the globe. 

In the months of June and July, the paper will be presented in the 2022 North America Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society to be hosted by Miami Herbert Business School,  Econometric Society Australasia Meeting (ESAM 2022) to be hosted by University of Queensland, Nordic Conference in Development Economics (NCDE 2022) to be hosted jointly by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and Helsinki Graduate School of Economics in collaboration with UN-WIDER and LABORE and 30th Annual Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) to be hosted by The Graduate Institute Geneva. 

A recent op-ed in The Hindu Business Line articulated the outcome of this study. Please click here to read more

The study was funded by the Krea Faculty Research Fellowship 2020. 

Hear from Prof Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay as he lays out the vision, philosophy and methodology that contributed to the research.

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