The Sustainability Pledge

25 Steps Toward Sustainable Lifestyle

The choices we make in our everyday lives have a significant environmental, social and economic impact. Yet we have agency over our behaviour, a capacity to be conscious environmental stewards and socially responsible citizens. The shift to a sustainable lifestyle does not necessarily demand difficult tradeoffs or uncomfortable adjustments. A good way to start would be to make a few simple changes in our daily actions — from reducing our environmental footprint to supporting local communities. We invite you to take the Krea Sustainability Pledge, and incorporate as many as possible of the following 25 sustainability principles into your daily routine.

I pledge to become Krea’s sustainability champion by committing to the following: 


  1. I will switch off the lights, fans and air conditioning when I am the last one to leave a room
  2. Whenever possible, I will take the stairs instead of using the elevator
  3. I will unplug phone/computer chargers and other electronic items when not in use
  4. I will report any faulty light fixture or power switch to Campus Operations


  1. I will conserve water by keeping my showers to under five minutes, or restricting my baths to a maximum of 2 buckets
  2. I will turn off the tap while brushing my teeth and washing my hands (scrubbing my hands with soap)
  3. I will mindfully use the two buttons on the dual flush toilet
  4. I will report any leaking faucets to Campus Operations

Food and Waste

  1. I will not waste any food by taking more than I can eat
  2. I will segregate my waste on campus — as per the labelled segregation category on the bin
  3. I will print only when unavoidable. If printing is necessary, I will print double-sided
  4. I will use my own mug/flask for tea and coffee, instead of relying on disposable paper cups
  5. I will try to repair broken items before I throw them away
  6. I will share, donate or sell any items I no longer need, instead of just throwing them away
  7. I will reduce my consumption of processed and/or packaged food and eat more locally sourced, seasonally grown, fresh food
  8. I will avoid single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, PET bottles, straws, styrofoam, etc


  1. I will reduce my carbon footprint by walking, riding a bicycle, using public transport, trains or carpooling , as alternatives to commuting alone by car or traveling by plane 
  2. Whenever possible, I will use video conferencing to reduce the need to travel

Nature Appreciation and Holistic Wellbeing

  1. I will improve my physical health and fitness by regular walking, jogging, cycling, exercising, practicing yoga, participating in sports, etc
  2. I will engage in activities that foster appreciation for nature, such as hiking, camping, bird watching, wildlife photography, sketching outdoors, stargazing, exploring indigenous flora and fauna, etc
  3. I will regularly allow myself a digital detox, by spending enough time outdoors, and away from the screen
  4. I will maintain a healthy circadian rhythm by having a minimum seven hours of sleep every night

Responsible Citizenship

  1. I will volunteer in at least one social outreach initiative in my community
  2. I will be a conscious consumer, by purchasing more fair trade, locally/regionally produced items, thus supporting the livelihoods of local communities
  3. I will encourage friends and family to adopt a similar sustainability pledge

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