August at Krea: An Ode to Friendships

While charting the journey through University (and life), we meet fellow travellers along the way, through laughter and tears, amid wisdom and comic remedies, amongst rough patches and blissful reinforcements, we coin them ‘friends for life’. This August, we at Krea are celebrating the power of friendship, of shared sentiments that bring people together while rejoicing in their uniqueness.

Khadeejah Khandker from the SIAS Cohort of 2024 recounts a memory among hundreds that define the word ‘friendship’ for her. First in a series of a month of celebration, as Kreators co-create this space together, and definite friendship, their way.

I woke up early, resolute to try something new. Still feeling heavy headed from last night’s incident, I started to dress up, thinking donning on pretty clothes might help me cheer up a little. 

Last night, still fresh in my mind, I was in disbelief of what I had heard over the phone. “They must still be sleeping. I would have called them by now for breakfast” I thought to myself but, strong willed as I was, I decided to give them their space. After all, they had called me “Annoying & Weird”. 

My friends were indeed asleep, however, it was not that they were tired or cozy, it seemed they were trying to escape reality through sleeping. Yesterday’s night still flashing before their eyes perhaps more clearly than it did for me. 

Another one of my closest friends, my roommate, had told them the previous night that she would do something about it, that she would explain to me that they had mis-dialed the phone and I wasn’t supposed to hear what I heard and it was all one huge misunderstanding. 

The next day both of them in the hopes of finding me in a class or alley searched the entire campus but I guess I know how to sneak away. Later I learnt that none of them ate that day and barely even smiled, that they were just feeling awful, just like I was. 

As fate would have it, this day was important to all of us four. It was the day we were supposed to go to a pottery event together. I finally broke my silence and asked them to come to the venue.  They rushed over and after a long silent standoff during the event. I started slowly giving up on my resolution; it was hard not talking to my best friends. 

I could see that they honestly felt bad and that I wasn’t even giving them a chance to explain themselves. Finally, I held out my pinky finger to one of them, and though I was still very angry, I knew we four would always hold hands. His face finally lit up with joy after what felt like an eternity. He knew I was still not convinced, but that I too had broken out into a faint smile. 

After a while, we gathered in the dining hall, and after a short quarrel we four again went back to being what we were “friends”. Laughter was again heard from our table, the constant chatter began, the waves of conversation and discussion continued till the whistles started, sending them to their rooms, to get ready for the freshers’ party. 

So, what does friendship mean to you? We invite you to send us any of the following:

– A picture of you and your friends that means a lot to you

– A video that has a collage of your favourite moments with your friends

– Your favourite video memory of your friends

– Short write-up or a poem expressing what friendship means to you

Or even something different and unique – your own way of defining friendship.

If you want to feature your friendships within Krea Bonds, You can respond with your entries to Anisha Vijayan:

[email protected]

Do not forget to include a title and a short description of your entry.

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