‘All Things Under the Sun’ – Week One, Feb 2023

For years now, we have all been saying there’s so much to read and so little time, right? But every year, we hope to return to what we love doing the best – to read. So, as part of All Things Under the Sun that we recently kicked off, we present to you a compilation of this week’s best news/features thoughtfully sourced from across publications from across the country and the world, to make your weekend worth it! We hope to cover ground and raise a toast to best reads that are often also about the best writing! Stay tuned and watch this space!

A mammoth reading list you never knew you needed! -Read More

Lithub offers 43 shows and movies to stream and see this year!-Read More

The Delhi Metro is more than a system of public transport: it represents refuge, privacy, freedom, and a slow change in the city’s cultural fabric. This piece walks us through stories from 20 years of the Delhi Metro. -Read More

The Bureau of Linguistic Reality is assembling a new lexicon for people’s experience of climate change. Here’s a list to get you started. -Read More

Despite living in a smart-phone led era of dwindling attention spans, Kerala still seems to indulge in the old-world charm of reading and gathering together to enjoy literature-based conversations-Read More

A study shows that there are two ways that may help in tackling procrastination — setting reminders and envisioning your future self-Read More

With AI doing the rounds on social media, here’s another new update that students might be interested to know -Read More

With the budget being announced, this piece incorporates charts and visual elements to explain it all-Read More

This one’s for the eco-crusaders on the creeks and mudflats of coastal Odisha that are a haven for a variety of birds and reptiles like the saltwater crocodile-Read More

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