‘All Things Under the Sun’ – Week Four, Feb 2023

For years now, we have all been saying there’s so much to read and so little time, right? But every year, we hope to return to what we love doing the best – to read. So, as part of All Things Under the Sun that we recently kicked off, we present to you a compilation of this week’s best news/features thoughtfully sourced from across publications from across the country and the world, to make your weekend worth it! We hope to cover ground and raise a toast to best reads that are often also about the best writing! Stay tuned and watch this space!

How Big Oil Hijacked and Weaponised the Individual Carbon Calculator-Read More

The myth of the ‘compassionate layoff’-Read More

A backlash against overconsumption is spreading fast on social media. Is this the beginning of the end for our rampant, destructive consumer culture – or just influenced by another name? -Read More

Meet the Malayali couple who built a school in East Africa and named it Kerala Block-Read More

BookTok is Good, Actually: On the Undersung Joys of a Vast and Multifarious Platform (BookTok is a subcommunity on the app TikTok, focused on books and literature.)-Read More

Can specialty robusta be as good as arabica? Does it need to be? Are the two even comparable? With climate change impacting the amount of arabica growing in Indian coffee growing regions, many farmers are switching to robusta and innovating with specialty robusta.-Read More

Why would it be so bad if our species came to an end? It is a question that reveals our latent values and hidden fears-Read More

A new wave of Indian start-ups are thinking up innovative ways to deal with the climate crisis. Their tools are artificial intelligence and a whole lot of resolve.-Read More

No coach, no agent, no ego: the incredible story of the ‘Lionel Messi of cliff diving’-Read More

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