‘All Things Under the Sun’ – Week One, Mar 2023

For years now, we have all been saying there’s so much to read and so little time, right? But every year, we hope to return to what we love doing the best – to read. So, as part of All Things Under the Sun that we recently kicked off, we present to you a compilation of this week’s best news/features thoughtfully sourced from across publications from across the country and the world, to make your weekend worth it! We hope to cover ground and raise a toast to best reads that are often also about the best writing! Stay tuned and watch this space!

We often expect our friendships to be easy—but sometimes, a breakup is inevitable. This piece suggests how to identify a friendship that has run its course-Read More

. Five image-makers peruse their photographic oeuvres for Vogue India to present portraits of quiet pleasure for a project that captures women in various states of fun and frolic-Read More

For 20 years, Sania Mirza blazed a unique trail through world tennis. This article walks us through her incredible journey to the top of her sport and what lies beyond. -Read More

Movies and shows to watch out for in 2023-Read More

. This piece offers answers to why we can dream in more than one language.-Read More

Another month of books, another month of book covers. This piece offers some favourites from February. -Read More

The burden of undertaking an additional evaluation for algaiarism, that is algorithmic plagiarism, may undermine the evaluation process in many ways. Here’s how: -Read More

All That Breathes: Shaunak Sen’s Oscar-nominated documentary speaks in poetry-Read More

The article throws light on why India’s push to use sugar for fuel may create more problems than it solves. -Read More

Gen Z may be digital natives, but young workers were raised on user-friendly apps – and office devices are far less intuitive, says this piece. -Read More

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