Brewing Ideas Over Coffee: A Glimpse into Krea University’s Koffee GoSip

In the bustling halls of academia, where lectures and seminars often dominate the scene, Krea University continues to foster interdisciplinary dialogue among faculty members. One such initiative is Koffee GoSip, a series of informal talks where ideas flow as freely as the coffee.

We had the privilege to sit down with Dr Soumya Dey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at SIAS, to delve deeper into the origins and essence of Koffee GoSip.

Genesis of Koffee GoSip

“Sometime in the beginning of last trimester, Kalyan, Rishi and I were having coffee together in the Faculty Lounge, and we were discussing the importance of academic interaction among faculty members from different disciplines, especially in a liberal arts university like Krea,” Dr. Dey recalls. “We felt the need to have some informal platform where faculty members from seemingly far apart disciplines would be able to learn from each other in a relaxed setting and exchange ideas. This usually doesn’t happen during a seminar or a research talk.”

The trio envisioned a space where faculty could engage in intellectually stimulating conversations outside the confines of traditional academic formats. Thus, Koffee GoSip was born, with a name that encapsulates the essence of informal discourse and scholarly exchange over a cup of coffee.

Unlike formal lectures or seminars, Koffee GoSip offers a relaxed setting where faculty members can share their research, insights, and passions with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Dr Dey emphasises, “The aim is to facilitate cross-disciplinary learning and foster a sense of community among faculty members.”

Frequency and Participants

Since its inception on 1 November, 2023, Koffee GoSip sessions have become a weekly fixture during trimesters, subject to the availability of speakers. The audience primarily comprises faculty members of Krea University, with postdoctoral fellows also welcomed into the fold.

Over the course of eight sessions, Koffee GoSip has covered a rich tapestry of topics, ranging from the intricacies of Alzheimer’s disease modeling to the societal implications of mass media. Here’s a glimpse of the past talks:

  • Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease by Dr Kalyan S Chakrabarti, Associate Dean (Students) and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, SIAS
  • Hydrogen Bonds – Pawns in the Game of Molecular Chess by Professor K S Viswanathan, Visiting Professor of Chemistry, SIAS
  • The Vertex Cover Problem by Dr Syed Mohammad Meesum, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Discipline Coordinator for Computer Science, SIAS
  • Quantum Cavities by Professor S Sivakumar, Dean, Research and Professor of Physics, SIAS
  • Eliciting Italian Farmers Willingness to Adopt Weather Index Insurance” by Dr Anwesha Chakrabarti, Assistant Professor of Economics, SIAS
  • Mass Media versus Mass Disconnect – A View from Within by Professor Jaideep Hardikar, Visiting Professor of Practice, SIAS
  • How Much CO2 Are We, at Krea, Emitting? by Dr Chirag Dhara, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Discipline Coordinator for Environmental Studies, SIAS
  • Stories of Origin and Stories about Making by Professor Bishnu Mohapatra, Director of the Moturi Satyanarayana Centre for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Politics, SIAS

Join the Conversation

All faculty members are encouraged to participate in Koffee GoSip. Whether you wish to share your research findings, delve into a topic of interest, or simply connect with colleagues over coffee, Koffee GoSip provides the perfect platform to do so.

To propose a talk for an upcoming session, simply reach out to Dr Soumya Dey at [email protected].

So, grab a cup of coffee and join the conversation!

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