Are ‘colour molecules’ the key to a room-temperature quantum computer? – An Article by Professor S Sivakumar

Professor S Sivakumar, Dean, Research and Professor of Physics at SIAS, Krea University has written a science article titled Are ‘colour molecules’ the key to a room-temperature quantum computer?, published in The Hindu

The article explores the intriguing possibility of utilising chromophores or ’colour molecules’ as a potential solution for achieving room temperature quantum computing. Unlike traditional quantum systems that are expensive as they require extremely low temperatures to function, the application of ‘colour molecules’ could significantly reduce the complexity and cost of quantum computing setups. The article delves into the principles behind this concept, highlighting recent advancements and the challenges that lie ahead in realising this vision of room temperature quantum computing using ‘colour molecules’.

Read the article here. 

A version of the article can be found in The Madras Tribune. Read the article here. 

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