Bloch wave homogenisation of periodic media – Dr Vivek Tewary delivers a lecture at MSADE-24

Dr Vivek Tewary, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at SIAS, Krea University, delivered a talk at the Workshop on Multi-scale Analysis / Conference on Differential Equations (MSADE-24) held at IIT Ropar from 26 February to 2 March, 2024. 

The workshop focuses on multiscale methods in mathematics, particularly as they apply to questions of homogenization, control theory, and inverse problems. Mathematicians are developing new tools to investigate multiscale phenomena that arise in the design of new materials.

Dr Tewari delivered a lecture on Bloch wave homogenisation of periodic media. Bloch waves are special waves supported by periodic media and can be used in various applications in physical models. They are also used in homogenisation – where one studies approximations of highly heterogeneous media. Dr Tewari talked about the existence of Bloch waves and demonstrated their use in finding a macroscopic approximation for highly heterogeneous periodic media.

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