Dr Shyam Kumar Sudhakar delivers a talk at IIIT Hyderabad

Dr Shyam Kumar Sudhakar, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, SIAS, Krea University delivered a talk titled Application of computational modeling and large-scale data analysis for identifying drugs and managing comorbidities after traumatic brain injuries at IIIT Hyderabad.


Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) constitute one of the biggest public health problems facing the world population. Physical trauma to the brain could lead to the damage and subsequent death of the affected neurons, and this could continue for extended periods, causing secondary brain injuries. As a consequence, TBI can cause long-term medical and psychiatric problems. No treatment options exist to date to prevent the cascade of secondary brain injuries.

When promising therapeutic options are unavailable to treat TBI, carefully crafted patient care programs and disease prevention strategies could lead to better patient experiences. The goal of my research program is twofold: Construct a detailed bio-simulation platform encompassing post-TBI changes at multiple spatial and temporal time scales to identify the most promising therapeutic agents for neuroprotection after TBI; Perform large-scale data analyses of multi-center patient databases to understand the unique pattern of post-traumatic comorbidities as a function of different injury parameters (sex, age, type and severity of injury, years post-injury, socioeconomic status). In this talk, I will illustrate my recent research results pertaining to computational modeling and large-scale mining of patient databases. I believe my dual approach of computational modeling and large-scale data analysis would lead to the discovery of novel drugs and drug combinations to treat the disease and devise vital patient care programs.

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