On the Face of It: From Monumental Images to Collective Actions – A Paper Presentation by Dr Rakshi Rath and Dr Srajana Kaikini

Dr Rakshi Rath, Assistant Professor of Psychology, SIAS, Krea University, and Dr Srajana Kaikini, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, SIAS, Krea University co-presented their paper titled On the Face of It: from Monumental Images to Collective Actions at the Workshop Seminar Twenty-First Century Media? Affective Bodies, Crowds, and Collectives, organised by ICAS:MP TM 7 module, in collaboration with CSDS and Sarai, on 21-23 March, 2024. 

This international workshop was focused on site-specific contributions mapping 21st-century media, addressing material and environmental questions for media and political aesthetics. The paper brings theories of Philosophy and Psychology in critical conversation with each other around social ontology, media aesthetics, and political psychology in an attempt to forge new interdisciplinary frameworks for social action.

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