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A platform for the 21st century and beyond,
Krea University continuously seeks to reimagine learning.


Krea Mission

Enable high potential individuals to learn to create positive, catalytic impact ethically, in a dynamic and diverse world.

Krea Values


  • Extraordinarily high standards of rigour and meritocracy in academia
  • Focus on leveraging diversity and need-blind admissions based entirely on merit


  • Co-created, co-taught courses
  • Group projects, and a culture promoting collaborative problem-solving


  • Culture of innovation during the course of study and beyond, focused on problem-solving


  • Active and transparent governance by a reputable and diverse board
  • Non-partisan, non-denominational, and agnostic to specific ideologies

Why Krea University

  • Krea University is a unique effort, specifically conceived and designed to address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

  • Krea University is pioneering Interwoven Learning - a new paradigm ideal for the connected world. This weaves together the arts and sciences, creativity and action, eastern and western perspectives. It draws upon the profound learnings of the past and present, to ready students for the future.

  • Krea University will thus shape a new generation of adaptable, resilient leaders, giving them critical thinking skills and the ethical grounding needed to forge ahead.

  • Krea University will ensure that university education stretches far beyond delivering hard skills for immediate employability, and deliver lifelong value for impactful leadership in a fast-changing world.

Vice-Chancellor's Note


The challenges of the 21st century are substantially different in scale, scope and pace. We are increasingly looking at the language of machines, in addition to our languages of daily interactions, becoming a predominant one. We are seeing the fourth Industrial revolution unfold, where many manual jobs are on the verge of becoming things of past. As we brace ourselves for this, re-imagining our education systems and enabling our students to become agile, adaptable and purposeful leaders is extremely important.

At Krea, we are not looking at repeating, or importing, any existing model, but re-imagining the Liberal Arts & Sciences education for the 21st century, and beyond. What does this mean in practice? It means weaving together the traditional humanistic approach of liberal arts (e.g. focus on literature and philosophy) with a recognition that quantitative and technical skills are increasingly important and the mark of a well-rounded mind and individual. So, while we will certainly emphasize on courses such as literature and philosophy, we will also work to ensure that our students are comfortable with data analysis, quantitative reasoning, computational concepts, and so on. Also, liberal arts has traditionally been about broad ways of thinking. We think this has a lot of value and we embrace it, but we combine it with the recognition that specific, hard skills are also important in this day and age.

One other way we’re different - liberal arts is traditionally a western concept, but we want to reimagine it in an Indian and, more broadly, Asian context. We live in a global world where the centre of gravity is shifting toward Asia. Our education should be similarly global. So, for example, in studying ethics, it’s important that students be familiar with Aristotle and Kant, but they should also know what the Gita, the Vedas and the Tirukkural have to offer. We aim to combine these various bodies of knowledge and apply them to contemporary dilemmas.

We intend on hiring faculty who teach individually, and in collaboration with their colleagues, and transmit their passions and expertise. Professors will act as mentors, advisers, coaches and instructors. On the other hand, we will be admitting high potential students after a holistic review process, which will have multiple components. This is to ensure that we have great diversity on the campus, where each student has something to contribute to the Krea community.

Students during their time at Krea will develop a sense of purpose. There will be a sharp focus, through the programme design, on the essential skills of Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Computational Ability, Creativity, and Communication. In short, students at Krea will make connections across disciplines; they will develop strong roots within a discipline; they will make firm connections between the ‘real world’ and the classroom led academic world. Most importantly, they will become self-directed learners and doers.

I welcome you to be a part of this journey of “interwoven learning” at Krea.

Sunder Ramaswamy, Ph.D.
Vice-Chancellor, Krea University

University Status

Krea University has been enacted by the Legislature of the State of Andhra Pradesh as per The Andhra Pradesh Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) (Amendment) Act, 2018 vide the gazette notification published on April 30, 2018.

Krea University is listed on the UGC website under State Private Universities.

University is authorised to confer degrees as decided by the Academic Council of the University.

IFMR Society is the sponsoring body of the University. Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) has wide and deep experience in education and research for the past 48 years.

“Krea University is a visionary institution in Andhra Pradesh. This university would become a major enabler of my vision to make AP a knowledge hub and knowledge economy. I have no doubt that Krea will find its place among the best universities of the world.”
N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh


Krea University is now a part of the College Board India Global Higher Education Alliance.

This alliance will be a platform for Indian universities to collaborate with the world's most revered educational institutions to achieve excellence in undergraduate preparation, recruitment, admission, and enrollment practices. This unique collaboration will seek to simplify the application process, while setting global benchmarks and standards, which in turn will diversify India's campuses.

Krea University College Board DI Code is 7632

Dr Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor, Krea University at the India Global Higher Education Alliance Forum, in Mumbai on 8th October, 2018

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