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Krea University believes in a holistic approach to education through the unique Interwoven Learning, based on a set of guiding principles seen as essential for a transformative and cutting-edge college experience. A deep engagement with the interwoven philosophy and approach — teaching, learning, research, and life — provides students a broad based learning experience while also deep diving into their specialization which in turn will create well rounded minds that are prepared for a change driven future.

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Undergraduate Programme

Creating impactful management leaders

The full-time two-year MBA programme provides quality management education. A student is required to complete 54 core credits, 45 elective credits across 7 areas and 6 credits for summer internship. The courses are offered in the areas of Data Science & Information Systems, Economics, Finance Accounting & Quantitative Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.


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