Welcome to the Krea Class of '23!

For this very special week, we want you to have an experience you’ll cherish forever. And we plan to give you just that. We hope that this week will bring to your screens a wholesome, interactive,and refreshing experience, almost as if you are watching a new gripping T.V. show or movie, everyday. Grab your popcorn as you immerse yourself into the binge-worthy experience this  orientation week has to offer.

Disclaimer: the titles of the days, events, and activities are named after tv shows and movies. However, the themes of the T.V. shows or movies do not resonate with the events at all! So don’t worry if you haven’t watched them. We just couldn’t resist the word play.

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The students are expected to follow a strict code of conduct during the sessions. Check out the following link to read and understand the Dos & Donts of the orientation session

26 August 2020

Welcome to Krea. When anyone who’s part of Krea is asked about Krea, one thing that comes to mind is warmth, kindness and a sense of wellbeing. Today will be the first day of your Krea Journey. 

Welcome to “The Good Place”

27 august 2020

This day is action-packed, and filled with interactions with your batchmates and your seniors. This day also has many special events! So everyone, get ready and stay tuned for the ‘rush hour’ experience.

28 August 2020

This day is filled with events that highlight the bond between the students and the faculty. The idea is to help them get a glimpse of how warm and fun-loving our teachers are, something which truly sets Krea apart from the rest. This day is for your stories, this day is for our stories, this is us.

 29 August 2020

This is an exciting day, filled with interactions between batch ‘22 and ‘23. The students will get a glimpse of life as a Krea student, through engaging conversations and sessions. But the real question is, will you be able to keep up with Krea?

Over the course of the week, the students would have prepared performances within their buddy groups. These will be compiled and screened live and everyone can come together and watch it. The stage is theirs!


Esther Duflo

Winner of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2019

Keynote Address

26 August / 12.00 - 1.00 PM
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Kalki Subramaniam

Art and Activism towards Inclusive Communities

27 August / 1.30 - 2.30 PM
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Jacob Boehme

The Great Pause

28 August / 10.30 - 12.30 PM
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Student Orientation Team


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Gopika Krishna C


Khushi Santosh


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Sakshi Pachnoor


Satvika Char

Orientation Committee


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Kala Anand


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