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Anannya Dasgupta

Director, Centre for Writing & Pedagogy

Associate Professor of Literature, Literature & the Arts

Ph.D., Rutgers University

Anannya Dasgupta has a Ph.D., in early modern English literature from Rutgers University, USA. As a graduate student, she trained in writing pedagogy at the Rutgers Writing Program. During her stint as an early modernist teaching Renaissance Literature, she noticed the disconnect between the writing abilities of college students versus the expectations of the college curriculum. To help bridge the gap, she started offering critical writing sessions to students, on an informal basis. Soon, this took the shape of official courses, with Dasgupta designing the curriculum and pedagogy and hiring/training teachers .

Determined to make the teaching of writing matter in the Indian higher education curriculum, she set up the Centre for Writing Studies at O.P. Jindal Global University in 2018. Apart from teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students, she also works with faculty in the social sciences and humanities to help them incorporate strategies from writing pedagogy in their class room teaching.

She participated in the EU funded “Project E-QUAL” (2014-2017) and produced, among other things, a critical writing course module for all the universities partnered under the project. The module is now available as an open access course on the Swayam platform. She won a grant to collaborate with the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University (2015-2017) and continues the collaboration to develop research for teaching writing. Her publications include articles on seventeenth-century English literature and pedagogy. Her book Magical Epistemologies: Forms of Knowledge in Early Modern English Drama is forthcoming. She has co-edited This Unsettled Place: A Critical Anthology of American Poetry and Short Stories (2014) and has published a book of poems Between Sure Places (2015). She is currently working on several collaborative projects in writing pedagogy. Her fiction, poetry and photo art have appeared online, and in magazines and anthologies.

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