What do we Do?

Arthasabha, the Finance Committee of IFMR-GSB, Krea University, aims to
cultivate and develop a keen interest for finance amongst the student
community. Arthasabha caters to a wide variety of finance — related interests,
particularly stock trading, financial modeling, equity research, corporate finance
and investment banking. The committee conducts various inter as well intra-
college events throughout the academic session.
Finance is the most crucial branch of any business and the heart of any
organisation. It is not about managing money or anything complicated but just
about getting money at appropriate cost and allocating money to get maximum
benefit out of it. Arthasabha is not only about virtual trading, financial quizzes
or any trading strategy which would help to make money but is much more than
that. This time the bars of expectation have been raised which increases the
learning. And to know what has changed, come and be a part of our journey.

it's all about the team

meet The Team

Deepanjan Das

Harini G

Jahnavi Sharma

Sibi Vishvak

Yashi Jain

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