Penning Tales

Dr Gayathri Sampath, Associate Professor, Strategy and Chairperson – MBA Programme at IFMR GSB recently penned a short story, now included as part of an anthology. Mr and Mrs Rosewood is a collection of the winning short stories written by writers across the globe for the contest organised by WriteFluence. The book consists of 16 literary pieces that were selected from several submissions that had been received from all over the world for the contest.

Chapters in Learning from Global Arts

The students of SIAS, Concepts in Aesthetics II that is offered by Dr Srajana Kaikini to students of Global Arts, Philosophy and Literature, visited the exhibition Visible/Invisible at the Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore. They engaged with the curator Dr Arnika Ahldag around the ideas and the works at the museum through the lens of gender, its social life, its conceptual ironies and the possibilities and impossibilities of representation in relation to the tasks of the artist/curators.

Words of Wisdom

Dr Anannya Dasgupta, Director, Centre for Writing and Pedagogy     ( Krea-CWP) was invited by the Jindal School of Art and Architecture, Jindal Global University to conduct an online writing workshop for design and architecture students of the Form and Structure Atelier. Titled, Full-on-Feelz: Writing Evocative Descriptions, the session was held on 4 August 2023

New Chapters in Research and Impact

Sayantan Datta, Faculty Associate, Krea-CWP has co-authored a research paper with scientists at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, and the Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan, China, that has been published in the peer-reviewed journal eLife. The publication is titled, DYRK1A Interacts with the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Promotes mTORC1 Activity

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Everything Kantian

Dr Vivek Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SIAS published a paper titled Feeling and Moral Motivation in Kant: A Response to the Frierson-Grenberg Debate in Con-Textos Kantianos, and published Maṉithaneya Nokkathilirunthu Pŏi Pesalām Eṉdṟĕṇappatta Ŏru Urimaiyai Patṟi, a Tamil translation of Immanuel Kant’s essay On a Supposed Right to Tell Lies from Benevolent Motives, in Kanali

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