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“Creative Thinking and Expression” Workshop for Staff

Chennai, 24 October 2019:…A refreshingly insightful workshop on “Creative Thinking and Expression” was conducted for the non-teaching staff of Krea University, at the Chennai office on 24 October 2019. Prof. Hariharan Krishnan, Professor of Practice and Director of the Media Lab at Krea University was the facilitator.

‘Creative Expression’ is one of the unique mandatory core courses for the students of the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences that has generated a lot of interest among students and staff alike. The participants who volunteered for this workshop were drawn from various functional units at the Krea Office – across administration, finance, admissions, IT and communications.

Prof. Hariharan began the workshop by stating that creativity is fundamental to all human beings – however mundane and mechanical our day-to-day functions and roles can be. And knowingly or unknowingly, we often express ourselves creatively though our name, designation, our attire and in the way in which we interact with others.

In the work sphere, though it may seem that we are caught in a mindless routine, we can bring in an element of creativity through intervention, said Prof Hariharan, as there can always be a more creative way of doing even the most mundane things. He also elaborated on the nuances of speech, as a way of creative expression –the semantic vs semiotic choices that we make. He urged the participants to understand the semiotic nuances of music in Carnatic ragas and integrate the same in our day-to-day lives. “Creativity is about transformation, translation and trans-creation” he said, and it is up to us to translate, transform and trans-create to take creative decisions.

The workshop was interactive as the participants watched a 4-minute short film titled ‘Maestro’ about a robotic arm and a mechanical cuckoo inside a clock that was caught in the clockwork routine of announcing the time with a “cu-ckoo” (when it was capable of singing like a maestro). The participants were invited to discuss the many creative decisions that the cuckoo could have taken.

The brief one and a half hour workshop came to an end with Prof Hariharan asking the participants to unleash their creativity by drawing a picture of horses in motion, with Mozart’s “Turkish March’ playing in the background. He promised the participants that there is more to come in this series of “Creative Expression” workshops.

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