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CWP Tutoring Programme

CWP Tutoring Programme

The Centre for Writing and Pedagogy runs a peer tutoring programme as part of Krea’s work-study initiative for students. Students from the second year onwards are hired to tutor students of the Writing and Oral Communication (WOC) course.   

Tutors are assigned to particular students in order to provide them reading support and writing feedback. This may involve working intensively with students as well as acting as a bridge between student and instructor. Tutors are trained for this role, and meet regularly with the Tutoring Coordinator and each other for feedback and support. 

The tutoring programme adds to the layers of support that students can access during WOC, aside from their own course instructors. Students have one-on-one meetings with and help from peers who have successfully completed the course. Tutors learn important skills of reading and reviewing student work, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and working with their peers to put ideas for improvement into practice. 

The tutoring programme also arranges for students to meet up with conversation partners. Conversation partners are Krea students who volunteer to chat with their peers for upto an hour a week. These are unstructured conversations, which do not have to involve coursework. These allow students to practice their conversation skills in a safe and supportive environment. They have also been a way for students to connect with their peers despite not being together on the Kea campus. 

WOC students interested in working with a tutor or conversation partner should contact the tutoring coordinator, or their individual course instructor.

The tutoring coordinator for 2021-22 is Sameer Thomas, available at [email protected]

CWP Conference

Online and Downloadable

As part of the CWP’s interest in the role of tutors in teaching and instruction, a panel on tutoring was held during the CWP conference Online and Downloadable in Feb 2021. Recordings of the panel are available here.

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