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Round 1 admissions open for B.A. (Hons.) and B.Sc. (Hons.) Nov 1, 2019

“Design Thinking and Problem Solving” Course by Intellect Design Arena for IFMR GSB Students

IFMR Graduate School of Business has now introduced a Course on “Design Thinking and Problem Solving” for the 1st Year MBA students. Conducted by the School Of Design Thinking unit of Intellect Design Arena (IDA), at their FT8012 Labs and at Sri City, the final presentation was on 5 and 6 September, 2019. IFMR GSB’s 180 students took part in 5 exciting modules that involved several projects and an exciting learning experience

The course was driven via projects which covered topics ranging from Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, FinTech, Academia & Social Impact.

Students presented their projects and shared their insights on practical application of ‘Design Thinking’ and learning outcomes with the top management team of Intellect Design Arena Ltd. It was an honour to have Mr Arun Jain, the Founder of Intellect Design Arena and Ms Manju Jain (Co-Founder & Executive Director, School Of Design Thinking) on the final day. They shared their views on how Design Thinking impacts issues of business as well as social importance. Mr. Ram Pappu (CEO, Mission Samriddhi) emphasized the importance of Human Centricity while applying Design Thinking.

Prof. M. Nagarani (Chairperson, MBA Programme at IFMR Graduate School of Business - Krea University) expressed thanks on behalf of the institute and shared the importance of the course being a part of the curriculum. The Course was delivered by an expert team from IDA and was internally anchored by Prof Balasubramanian, Prof Sathyanarayanan and Prof Nagarani.

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