Here's what our students say!

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Nandana S. Kumar

Cohort of 2023

"I wanted a quality liberal arts education and Krea’s faculty really impressed me. I applied to Early Action Round and received an early decision, making the admissions process a whole lot easier."

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Amrita Rudra

Cohort of 2023

“Applying to Early Action Round helped me figure out a better way to go about my applications instead of leaving it all for the last-minute rush”

Why choose Krea?

When you choose Krea, you are looking at an Undergraduate programme that is distinguished, different and distinctive.

  • A futuristic learning experience that prepares you for the world of tomorrow
  • An intellectual adventure created by global practitioners and industry experts.
  • A self-designed academic path to match your future goals
  • Multi-disciplinary and application oriented perspectives
  • Diverse set of evolving skills going beyond subject knowledge
  • Tutoring and mentoring by the best academic minds
  • Co-creation experience with a diverse peer group
  • Campus life with a rich mix of green open spaces and urban cultures
  • Immersive study, research and work opportunities around the world

If you are looking at making
these higher education choices,

Krea is for YOU.

Choose a distinctive Education Journey

A broad-based and rigorous Undergraduate Programme

Our fully residential 3-year BA (Honours) or BSc (Honours) degrees, with an option to do an additional year of Advanced Studies, are academically designed to offer both breadth and depth with a range of majors and electives.

The teaching plan where the student covers range of foundation courses is one of a kind
- Divyanshu Gupta, Cohortof 2022

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Economics (Major)

History (Minor)

Social Studies (Major)

Politics (Minor)

Philosophy (Minor)

Business Studies (Minor)

Division of Sciences

Biological Sciences (Major)

Computer Sciences (Major)

Psychology (Major)

Mathematics (Major)

Chemistry (Major)

Physics (Major)

Environmental Studies (Minor)

Division of Literature and the Arts

Global Arts (Minor)

Literature (Major)

Joint Majors:

  • Economics & Environment Studies
  • Politics & History
  • Literature & Arts
  • Mathematics & Computer Sciences

A Multi-faceted Faculty

Choose to learn with some of the finest minds drawn from top universities across the world like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, IIT, and Columbia. Our multi-faceted faculty enables you to push the boundaries of learning. You are encouraged to think afresh, challenge the status quo and are prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

The undivided attention from faculty, small and interactive classes, field visits, and the relevance of what we are learning is what makes the quality of teaching set a benchmark - Arnav Jalan, Cohort of 2022

Discover Interwoven Learning

Choose to be prepared for a change driven future. Our unique model of ‘Interwoven Learning’ is based on a set of guiding principles we see as essential for a transformative learning experience. A deep engagement with our interwoven philosophy and approach — teaching, learning, research, and life — will prepare students for the challenges the future holds.

Experience a holistic admissions process

Our two-stage admissions process goes beyond conventional selection and singular eligibility criteria. The holistic admission process at Krea gauges potential beyond academic scores, ensuring a diverse set of students from varied backgrounds and interests. Our need-blind admissions process and a need-aware financial assistance process endeavours to support the financial need of any student who wishes to pursue his/her educational aspirations in the University.

I always wanted the admission process of universities to be like Krea’s, where they not only see you on the basis of your merit but also how you are as a person - Eeshna Gupta, Cohort of 2022

Krea has a 2-stage Admissions process

Stage 1

Online Application

  • Start your Online Application Form
  • Share a personal story
  • Add details about Academics, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities
  • Complete it by filling your personal details

Stage 2

The Krea Immersive Case (KIC)- through a virtual immersive activity

  • Write
  • Reason
  • Discuss
  • Present
  • Converse with us

You will receive the final decision on your application in 15 days

Admissions Timeline for Early Action Round

Application Submissions Closes On Invitations for Immersion Day Admissions Decisions sent Last Date for Acceptance
Nov 20, 2020 Dec 5, 2020 Dec 24, 2020 Jan 9, 2021

Co-create rich intellectual diversity

Choose to be a part of the vibrant and inclusive peer community, celebrating diversity. There is something for everyone here. Students represent diverse interests through democratic governance, across committees and a wide range of clubs.

Become a part of the diversity at Krea

254 Students
50 cities
18 states
4 Committees
18 Clubs

Access global collaborations

Choose to step into a world of opportunities with our curated high-impact partnerships that provide you with learning experiences across the globe. From social impact internships, to summer programmes, advancing research skills or working with eminent practitioners and experts, the choices are plenty and attractive with a range of scholarships.

From the heart of a sustainable, green campus

Choose to nurture a close-knit community from the 40-acres, state-of-the-art, green and sustainable campus located 55 kilometres north of Chennai in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Complete with contemporary educational and recreational infrastructure, the spaces impart a sense of belonging and a spirit of camaraderie, where students create countless memories for life.