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Workshop for Staff on ‘Bringing the Krea ethos to life’

Sri City, 11 October 2019:…A day-long workshop on ‘Bringing the Krea Ethos to Life’ was held at Sri City on 11 October 2019, for the non-teaching staff of Krea University. Conducted by Mr. Sriram Kalyanaraman, Senior Expert in Human Capital Practice from McKinsey & Company, the interactive workshop was a coming together to reflect on the culture of Krea – as embodied in the mission, DNA and values.

Krea University’s core values of ethics, excellence, inclusivity and accountability, along with innovation as the DNA were discussed and explored at a deeper level. All those who attended the workshop were initiated into the fact every decision and action they take each day must, without exception, be ethical and transparent, strive towards extraordinary standards of excellence, celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and represent the most efficient and accountable use of scarce resources – in keeping with the Krea values.

Mr. Kapil Viswanathan, the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee at Krea University shared the interesting story of how the founding of Krea began as an idea in 2016, while on a holiday in Kerala. He narrated the series of co-incidences that brought together a stellar team of academicians, industrialists and intellectuals, who share this vision for the 21st century and beyond, of re-imagining the education system to enable students to become agile, ethical and purposeful leaders.

Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, the Vice Chancellor of Krea University, spoke about the collective responsibility that each one of the staff members share in building up this institution. Referring to the famous lines from Rumi the Sufi mystic’s poetry, Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy said that, “you are not just a staff at Krea, but rather you are the entire Krea in yourself.”

As bringing the Krea ethos to life is an individual and collective responsibility that everyone in the organization shares, a pre-workshop questionnaire was sent to all the staff at Krea to share their views and express themselves, with the option of anonymity. Many interesting ideas and thoughts had surfaced, and these were printed and shared on the ‘Survey responses gallery’ for all to read and reflect on.

Mr. Sriram Kalyanaraman guided the participants through the principles of ethics, excellence, inclusivity, accountability and innovation and the staff were also requested to choose their favourite principles. The participants were also split into groups and case studies of ethics, excellence, inclusivity and accountability were given to each group to come up with recommendations.

Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy summed up the day’s learnings with a brief recapitulation of the topics covered, and a powerful call-to-action from a commemorative coin of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - “What you do matters”.

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