Making History Engaging

Making History Engaging

How can we make a History classroom, a truly immersive space? History is the story of all human beings. It is the story of how every one of us has arrived in their present life. Despite this, for many students history remains a boring subject dominated solely by dates, battles and the names of kings. If students are to understand their present lives in the context of humanity’s past, then history must be made engaging. This session will discuss some of the ways in which history teaching can be made to appeal to students. It will point to the latest developments in the field as well as to some of the activities which can be used to make learning history an engaging experience.

About Aashique Ahmed Iqbal

Assistant Professor of History, Krea University. DPhil, Oxford University

A historian, researching impact of aviation on the decolonisation of South Asia. An Associate Member of the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom, he has designed and taught courses at the University of Oxford and Shiv Nadar University.​

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2 hours

Making History Engaging

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