Online Education in Trying Times: Ideas and Strategies

Online Education in Trying Times: Ideas and Strategies

How might the Coronavirus pandemic have reshaped education?  How can educational  institutions rise to the challenge? Have teaching and learning changed forever?

 All educators know that the Covid-19  pandemic has changed/affected teaching and learning in profound ways. For most of us, remote teaching is unfamiliar territory.  Moreover, when we teach online, we go up against our own traditional forms of teaching, delivery of curriculum, and student engagement and assessment.

Given these very real challenges, what are some ways in which online education can meet the demands of learning in the 21st century? In this workshop, we will explore some ideas, strategies, and best practices for online instruction, engagement, and learning, imagining together how educators can work to fulfill the mission of school and college education in today’s world.

About the instructor

Akhila Ramnarayan is Divisional Chair, Literature & the Arts, Associate Professor of Practice, and Curator, VENI, The Ideas Place, at Krea University.  She is a writer, scholar, theatre actor, and trained Carnatic vocalist with a PhD in postcolonial studies from The Ohio State University  (2006).  She has worked at Pramati Technologies, Chennai (2013-2018), the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai (2011-2014), and University of Dayton, Ohio (2006-2011).

A key member of Chennai’s globally touring theatre company JustUs Repertory and founder member of performing arts institute Sahrdaya Foundation, she has received national recognition for theatre (acting) as the 2013-2014 awardee of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar.

Module duration

2 hours

Online Education in Trying Times: Ideas and Strategies

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