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Krea University announces Faculty Research Fellowships for 2019-20

Krea University announces Faculty Research Fellowships for 2019-20

Chennai, 1 October 2019: Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor of Krea University recently announced the details and names of recipients of the Faculty Research Fellowships for 2019-20. “Getting a research agenda off the ground can be strenuous and sometimes daunting for younger faculty. To encourage and support younger faculty, Krea has introduced the Fellowships for the academic year 2019- 2020 to support Faculty Research Fellowships” he said.

The fellowships are available on a competitive basis across IFMR Graduate School of Business and the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences - for anyone at the rank of Assistant Professor. Senior Assistant Professors and Senior/Assistant Professors of Practice are also eligible to apply.

This year, the following members of the faculty at Krea University have won the fellowship, for the projects listed here:

Dr. Arani Basu - Construction of Homeland through Digital Spaces: A Study of Indian Migrants in Germany.

Dr. Bharath Sundaram - Curating opportunities for immersive and experiential learning in the Pulicat Lake social-ecological system.

Dr. Kalyan Chakrabarti - Role of conformational dynamics in molecular recognition between proteins responsible for neurodegeneration.

Dr. Rishi Vyas & Dr. Prathamesh Turaga - Computational thought in group theory and geometry.

Dr. Shyama Rajendran - Language Undone: Philology, Race, and Late Medieval English Literature.

Dr. Sumitra Ranganathan & Dr. Naina Manjrekar - Placing Pulicat: A digital humanities project.

The selection process for the fellowships was carried out diligently by the members of the Krea Research Council — Dr. Gaurav Raina (Chair), Dr. Akhila Ramnarayan, Dr. Ananth Nageswaran, Dr. Balasubramanian, Dr. Bishnu Mohapatra, Dr. Hema Ramakrishnan, Dr. Madhuri Saripille, Dr. Sivakumar, and Dr. Vijaya

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