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Hariharan Krishnan

Literature & the Arts

Professor of Practice

Professor of Practice

Diploma in Film Direction, TV in Film & TV Institute of India

“The creative arts provide all of us the emotional sustenance to achieve our goals.” With this as his motto, film director Hariharan has immersed himself into the worlds of music, painting and dance. Though his films have dealt with a variety of topics like Maratha History in ‘GhashiramKotwal’ (’77), air pollution in ‘Ezhavathu Manithan’ (’83) or the world of languages in the children’s film ‘Dubashi’(2002), he has infused them all with influences from the other arts.

‘Ghashiram’ was screened at the Berlinale in ’78, while ‘Ezhavathu Manithan’ won the National Award for the best Tamil film and the Afro-Asian award at the Moscow Film Festival. Another film ‘Current’ starring Om Puri, received the Best Critics award in 1992.

In a span of 37 years, he has produced and directed over 350 short films, documentaries and TV serials on subjects ranging from tourism to the Tamil Bhakti poets. His passion for teaching and conducting workshops has taken him from the Film Institute in Pune to the University of Pennsylvania, USA, where he taught courses on Indian Cinema and Society.

In 2004, he founded the LV Prasad Film & TV Academy, with a completely new approach to film pedagogy and practice. Ten years later, he moved on to the Mahindra École Centrale as Professor of Creative Sciences and Dean, Student Affairs. In 2016, he joined Ashoka University as Professor, Broadcast Journalism & Film Studies. Hariharan is also a regular on the international film festival circuit serving on juries and interacting with students from Warsaw to Manila. Presently, he is completing a filmic biography on Kamal Haasan titled ‘Citizen K’.

His stated objective in joining Krea University is to lead the younger generation to harness the power of the creative arts and communicate one’s thoughts and feelings through a variety of media.

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