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Hema Ramakrishnan

Associate Professor of Economics

Ph.D., University of Madras

Hema received her B.Sc in Mathematics and her M.A and Ph.D degrees in Economics from the University of Madras. Her doctoral work sought to design an optimum rate structure for electricity in Tamil Nadu. She was a Ford Foundation Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of California,Berkeley, USA.

She has worked as a researcher at Tata Energy Research Institute and at Madras Institute of Development Studies. She was an adjunct faculty at DePaul University, Chicago, and since 2001 she has been at the Madras School of Economics.

Her research has largely been on various issues relating to the electricity sector starting with pricing & financial performance, moving on to institutional arrangements & regulatory mechanism and currently her focus is on promoting adequate and affordable access to energy for rural India that is both environmentally sustainable and financially viable. She has also worked on other areas like analysing social exclusion from a welfare rights perspective, designing a mechanism for government to capture part of the windfall gains in land values created by its expenditure on public infrastructure or comparing the value chain analysis across different methods of rice production. Most of her research has focused on finding solutions for practical issues.

She has experience in teaching a wide range of courses over the last two decades. She has taught some courses to undergraduate students in a Business School as also in a Technology Institute and has taught graduate students for 18 years.

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