MBA Office releases the list of medal winners and Dean’s Merit List awardees from the MBA cohort of 2020

Dean's merit list

We are delighted to share the list of medal winners and awardees of the Dean’s Merit List at IFMR Graduate School of Business (IFMR GSB), Krea University for the MBA cohort of 2020. 

Medal winners (cohort of 2020): 

The medals are awarded to students based on their academic performance, as well as extracurricular activities. Students who are ranked in the top 5% in their respective cohort on the basis of their academic performance (CGPA) at the end of the second-year are included in the Dean’s Merit List. 

Medal Criterion Student Name 
C.M. Kothari Medal 1st Rank Venkidesh Harikumar 
A. Sivasailam Medal 2nd Rank Prabhu G 
A.M.M. Arunachalam Medal 3rd Rank Anjula Singh 
H.T. Parekh Medal best all-round performance*  (subject to CGPA at least 3.5) Aman Sharma 

Dean’s Merit List: 

Merit Order Student Name Final CGPA 
Venkidesh H 4.03 
Prabhu G 3.99 
Anjula Singh 3.90 
Bharath P 3.80 
Apoorva Arora 3.78 
Samardeep Verma 3.74 
Radhika Chaudhry 3.72 
Sagarika Raja 3.71 
Sowmya Ramakrishnan 3.71