What do we Do?

Sports Committee or B-Sportive is a student run committee for development of sports and conducting various sports events throughout the year. As IFMR GSB Krea University is located in a SEZ far away from the city, sports becomes an essential part of student’s daily lives and our vision to nourish the budding sportsmen encouraging them to participate in both inter and intra-college events and strengthen the sporting environment among students. The institution provides all the sports and fitness facilities in the form of cricket and futsal ground, basketball and badminton court, gym and indoor facilities which students can access to pursue their sporting passions. Our job is to conduct various events throughout the year and this year we conducted as many as 18 events including flagship events like “IFMR GSB Olympics, The Cage – Futsal tournament and IFMR Premier League – Cricket tournament etc. Sports Committee has been conducting the maximum number of events in the institutions for numerous years now approximately conducting one or two events every month encouraging students to participate in sports activities as a co-curricular is an important part in a management program. The inventory management is an important function as we need to maintain inventory throughout the year with the amount of budget given for the academic year. As a committee it is our responsibility of procuring and keeping the inventory as per student’s requirement. The primary motive of Sports Committee as a student committee is to ensure mental and physical health and wellness for each and every member through the medium of sports. Even in the lockdown and virtual education/classes, we strived in keeping the sportive energy alive. We ensured of the sanity of all individuals through various online games and kept the adrenaline flowing constantly. It brings us immense satisfaction to see people smiling and enjoying at various events that we conduct and hope to do it in the future as well.

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meet The Team

Adheeshwar Singh

Vivian George

C Kumaran


Shrestha Mishra

Shubham Soi

Sree Ramya Dandamudi

Umesh Swarnkar

Aditya Akolekar

Pranav Viswanathan

Shiva Ratnakar

Don Dev

Mohamed Ashmil K T

Gunjan Agarwal

Amulya Sanivarapu

Piyush Seth

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