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An expert in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, Prof Raghu has an MBA and PhD from OUBS, UK. He also has a Master’s degree in Natural Resources and Forestry Management from IIFM, Bhopal. He was with Worldwide Fund for Nature and Harrisons Malayalam Ltd., before joining IFMR GSB in 1995.

Prof Raghu currently handles MBA and PhD level courses on People and Organizations. He also conceives and anchors multiple Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for Senior and Middle Managers from organizations like Kobelco, L&T, Toshiba, Murugappa Group companies and Real Image Technologies. He has also been a Principal Investigator for various sponsored research projects of international and national agencies such as DFID, UK; IDRC, Canada, USAID and NABARD. He has published articles, case studies and technical reports in international journals and business newspapers.

Courses Taught at IFMR GSB

Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, People Management Issues in M&As, Creativity in Organizations.

Current Research Interests

  1. Prof Raghu Raman conducts his research in the areas of organizational change, business incubators, start-ups and women entrepreneurship.

Recent Research Publications

  1. Raghu Raman, S. and C. Vijayalakshmi (2015). Mentoring social entrepreneurs in India: attributes and functions, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 11( 2),pp. 137-154
  2. Raghu Raman, S. (2009). Middle managers’ involvement in strategic planning: an examination of roles and influencing factors, Journal of General Management, 34(3), Spring, pp. 57-74.
  3. Raghu Raman, S. (2007). People Management Issues in Indian KPOs. Employee Relations: The International Journal, 29(6), pp. 696-710. (Co-authors: Budhwar, Pawan, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, U.K. and Balasubramanian, G., IFMR, Chennai, India).
  4. Raghu Raman, S. (2006). Corporate Social Reporting in India - A View from the Top, Global Business Review, 7(2), July-December, pp. 313-324.
  5. Raghu Raman, S. (2004). Managing Secondary Stakeholders: Lessons from the Monsanto Case Study, South Asian Journal of Management, 11(4), October-December, pp. 42-52.
  6. Raghu Raman, S. (2002). Metaphors and Managers: New Ways of Thinking and Seeing, Vikalpa, July-September, pp. 3-12. (Co-author: Ramachander, S., IFMR, Chennai, India).

Recent Case Studies/Reports

  1. Raghu Raman, S. (2019) IDFC Bank and Capital First: A bank like no other (Under review)
  2. Raghu Raman, S. (2019) Catalyst Incubator Program: A technical report. Published by USAID, fhi 360 and IFMR LEAD (Co-authors: Singhal, G., Joshi, K. and Arun Kumar, J.V)
  3. Raghu Raman, S. (2018) Migration, Livelihood strategies and Remittances: A study to design a product for the Indian Postal Department. Published by CDFI, New Delhi (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  4. Raghu Raman, S. (2017) Systematic review on market-led approaches to rural development. Published by DFID, UK (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  5. Raghu Raman, S. (2015) Decadal study of Women Exemplars in the area of health, education and micro-enterprises. CII, New Delhi (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  6. Raghu Raman, S. (2015) SHG members as agents of change in Tamil Nadu, NABARD, India (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  7. Raghu Raman, S. (2015) Voluntary Savings of Women SHGs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, NABARD, India (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  8. Raghu Raman, S. (2014) Mentoring Social Enterprises in India, IDRC, Canada and Villgro, India (Co-author; Vijayalakshmi, C.) Raghu Raman, S. (2014) Talent Management in Social Enterprises in India, IDRC, Canada and Villgro, India (Co-author; Vijayalakshmi, C.)

Recent Conference Presentations

  1. Raghu Raman, S. (2019) Knowledge Management and roles of middle managers, 27th EBES Conference, Jan 9th to 11th 2019, Bali
  2. Raghu Raman, S. (2018) Market-led rural development approaches, 4th Shri Bhadrashyam H Kothari Memorial Research Conference, Sri City, April 17-18th 2018 (Co-authors: Lakshmi, K. and Vijayalakshmi, C.)
  3. Raghu Raman, S. (2013) Organizational Change and Identity Work: Constructions and Complexities, 2nd International Conference on Reshaping Organizations to Develop Responsible Global Leadership, Nepalese Academy of Management, Kathmandu, March 10th to 12th.
  4. Raghu Raman, S. (2011). Middle Manager as a ’Hero’ - Understanding Role Transitions in Organizations, International Conference on Leadership and Management in a Changing World, Athens, Greece, June 12 - 14.

Working Papers

  1. S Raghu Raman (2019) HR Practices and Middle Managers’ Contributions to Organizational Change: Evidence from India (Under review)
  • Preparing a mentoring roadmap for BPCL Executives (2017)
  • Leadership competency assessment for Real Image (2016)
  • Facilitating CII Foundation for selection of Women Exemplars (2016)
  • Competency mapping for managers at Agility Logistics (2013)

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