Assistant Professor in Writing (Tenure Track, Practice) at Krea-CWP

Assistant Professor in Writing (Tenure Track, Practice) at Krea-CWP

Krea University

Position: Assistant Professor in Writing (Tenure Track, Practice) at Krea-CWP

Job Description:

Krea-CWP is a writing centre at Krea University that is still at the stage of planned expansion even as it keeps up with its existing responsibilities in teaching, tutoring, curriculum development, teacher training and external workshops and conferences. Assistant Professors in Writing at Krea-CWP are expected to be able to work on the following three axes and all duties and responsibilities that come with each at the centre level and the university level.

Teaching:  Teaching, updating existing courses and designing new writing courses. Training new teachers, tutors, conversation partners; and, taking active responsibility in teaching and training in new programmes that the CWP designs and offers in future. To maintain the ethics of teaching and commit to the pedagogy CWP is developing.

Research: Maintain an active research and publishing profile both in areas of one’s academic specialization and in CWP’s work by collaboratively and also individually developing writing pedagogy. To organize as well as participate in conferences, workshops etc. in areas of one’s interest including writing pedagogy.

Krea-CWP Administration / University Service: To actively participate in the running of the Centre in its day-to-day functioning which includes the running of the programmes CWP offers, hiring of new faculty and tutors, mentoring visiting faculty and managing different aspects of any new programmes the Centres offers.  To keep proper records; to create process where required, and follow due administrative process where it exists. Apart from CWP administration, to also serve on university committees and take up any administrative posts as the university requires, and to take on any mentoring requirements per the university’s needs.


M.A/ M.Sc. / M.Phil. / Ph.D. in any area of academic specialization. Preferred route for Krea-CWP permanent hiring is to have completed 2 or 3 years of teaching and training at Krea-CWP as a Faculty Associate.

Application requirements: Cover Letter, CV, Teaching Statement, Research Statement, Writing Sample, Three Letters of Recommendation. Please send all application material to [email protected]  . The reference letters must have the subject line [Reference_Name]. Mark a copy of all application material including reference letters to: Dr Anannya Dasgupta at: [email protected]  by Oct 31st 2023.


Note : Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Krea is an equal opportunities employer. Remuneration will be competitive with Indian non-profit pay scales and will depend upon the candidate’s experience levels and the overall organization’s salary structure.