Director – Academic Administration

Director – Academic Administration

Krea University

Job Title: Director

Department: Academic Administration

School: Common

Work Location: Sri City

Reporting to: VC

Position Type: Full-Time

Salary: As per Institution Standard

Your responsibilities will include but not limited to the following in addition to your existing position

The Director Academic Administration leads the student administration at Krea and is accountable to the Vice Chancellor for: the management of the student contract with the University; the management of processes underpinning the student journey and the University’s academic offer and the management of data on students and courses which contribute to the University’s capacity effectively to manage its activities.

The Director will be expected to continually improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the processes and services provided by the University, in line with the University’s strategy and the need to deliver an excellent student experience.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Lead the team managing the University’s student and course administration, ensuring that processes and practices are efficient, are focused on the University’s need to deliver excellent support for students, and are operated effectively.
  1. Ensure that activities are well co-ordinated and planned, in line with the University’s annual cycle of business and the need to maintain flexibility, and in particular:
  • Ensure that processes relating to enrolment and re-enrolment are efficient, effective and robust, and support the University’s recruitment, admission and retention of students.
  • Ensure that teaching is well timetabled, with efficient use of resources and good and reliable information for students and faculty, within agreed constraints relating to the student experience; and that timetabling for other university events (induction and enrolment, assessments, and so on) is well supported.
  • Ensure that individual courses and modules are well supported administratively, with processes supporting the student journey well documented, effective and efficient, and operated by a strong team working in tandem with academic and leadership staff.
  • Ensure that individual student issues – mitigating circumstances, complaints and appeals, student disciplinary – are fairly and consistently managed, with decisions taken in a timely manner, properly recorded and well communicated to the student concerned.
  • Be responsible for the accuracy, integrity and quality of student record data, to enable regulatory data return, and to produce management information data to support strategic planning and operational delivery across the University.
  1. Be responsible for assurance of accuracy, integrity and academic quality and standards – including programme approval, review and quality assessment – are appropriate and effective, supporting Schools in delivering excellent education and providing the necessary information to enable the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors to fulfil their responsibilities relating to quality and standards.
  1. In liaison with the University Registrar to provide senior level advice on procedures and individual cases relating to student rights and responsibilities (e.g. academic misconduct, mitigation, academic regulations, etc.)
  1. Within the overall framework determined by the University, and consistent with the approach adopted by the University’s CIO, to lead student information related IT projects, including student record, timetabling, system developments and enhancements.
  1. Oversee the operation of academic governance and committees and maintain the appropriate operational, policy and support frameworks (for students, staff and other key stakeholders) on which the University’s operation and future development is built.
  1. Ensure that the University’s contract with individual students in relation to academic matters is clear, fair and meets all necessary internal and external requirements (In collaboration with the University Registrar, where applicable).
  1. Lead the University’s accreditation work relating to academic programmes.
  1. Work closely with Deans of both the schools for efficient delivery of above tasks.
  1. Supervise / oversee admissions of all three degree programmes : MBA, L&T MBA and PhD

Programmes and efficient programme delivery.

  1. Any other task assigned by VC.

You are also expected to work on other tasks assigned to you by the management.


Note : Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Krea is an equal opportunities employer. Remuneration will be competitive with Indian non-profit pay scales and will depend upon the candidate’s experience levels and the overall organization’s salary structure.