Manager, Inclusive Learning Support (Inclusion, Diversity Equity and Academic Prep Program)

Manager, Inclusive Learning Support (Inclusion, Diversity Equity and Academic Prep Program)
  • Full Time
  • Sri City

Krea University

Job Title: Manager, Inclusive Learning Support (Inclusion, Diversity Equity and Academic Prep Program)

Reports to: Director, Student Services, Krea University

Location: Full-time position based out of Sri City, Andhra Pradesh Remuneration: As per institution standard


Krea University, one of the leading liberal arts Universities in India, was established in 2018. Currently in its 5th year of operation, Krea’s Interwoven Learning model encourages creativity, critical thinking, communication and cross-disciplinary approach to learning and teaching. At Krea, students are guided by some of the best academic minds from around the world. The mission of Krea is to shape a new generation of adaptable, resilient leaders, giving them the critical thinking skills needed to forge ahead.

About the Office:

The Inclusive Learning Support Office, previously called the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity was set up in March 2022 at Krea University. The Inclusive Learning Support Office seeks to make all aspects of campus life and the academic experience at Krea inclusive and accessible to all students, faculty and staff. Accessibility and Inclusivity are two integral pillars for this Office.

Within the scope of the office, one major aspect is support offered to students, staff and faculty living with disabilities. The Office covers physical disabilities (visual and hearing impairment, paraplegia, cerebral palsy etc.) and learning disabilities (ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc.) The office assesses needs on a case-by-case basis to make recommendations for academic accommodations, social environment and changes to physical infrastructure on campus.

ILS serves as a resource center for information and services, ensuring that students are able to access the support they need to do well at Krea by providing individual academic mentoring and support. It seeks to provide a holistic approach to students’ well-being as it also oversees the Mental Health support services available to all students through YourDOST, SCARF and Peer Support Programme. Moreover, to support students who may need additional assistance, the Office runs academic bridge programmes, sessions, workshops. Lastly, in order to encourage a culture of inclusivity and accessibility on campus, the Office aims to create an active space in the university that could be used for Advocacy, Education and Knowledge Awareness regarding accessibility, intersectionality, diversity and inclusion and related topics.

About the Position:

The Manager, Inclusive Learning Support, will work closely with the Director, Student Affairs to manage and lead all the daily operations of the Office. The position will be key in ensuring support to all kinds of learners on campus to improve access to learning environments and other campus facilities. This facilitative role will require the person to maintain utmost confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion. An ideal candidate will be someone who respects differences and demonstrates a high level of integrity, excellent oral and written communication skills, high standards of professionalism and emotional intelligence.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Promote a positive, empathy-driven, student-centered, success-oriented atmosphere in the department
  • Manage the timely delivery of a range of student support services including 1:1 mentoring, advice, specialist tutoring and support for students with visible and invisible disabilities, long-term health conditions and other students who reach out to ILS for support
  • Work closely with the Director, Student Services, student associations and other stakeholders to take a lead in working to promote improved inclusivity and accessibility across the University community
  • Support the Director in implementing reasonable accommodations and services for students with disabilities under the mandates of the Rights of Persons Disabilities (RPWD) Act 2016 and other applicable UGC regulations
  • Maintain current knowledge of applicable laws and UGC regulations. Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining inclusivity/equity and those pertaining accommodating students with disabilities
  • Coordinate services and equipment necessary with different offices (Academic Office, Exam Office, Dean’s Office, Finance Office, Library etc) for reasonable accommodations, including assistive technology and softwares
  • Identify students’ needs and refer to other departments when appropriate
  • Develop and implement program orientations and other transition and success activities for students with disabilities and their parents
  • Develop disability awareness curriculum for faculty and staff promoting enhanced disability inclusion, community awareness and retention for students with disabilities
  • Follow up with faculty and other campus departments to ensure that decisions regarding approved accommodations are being complied with as determined by the Inclusive Learning Support Office
  • Organize training/workshops for administrators, faculty, staff, and students about the responsibilities for advocacy, accommodations and accessibility.
  • Assist with budget development and prioritizing of resource allocations and other administrative tasks concerning the budget and expenditure of the office
  • Correspond with prospective students, current students, parents/guardians, and health care professionals as and when required
  • Formulate and implement policies which enable students with disabilities and/or students suffering exclusion on campus due to a variety of factors to play a full and active part in the life of the University
  • Work actively with different stakeholders to facilitate the creation of an inclusive environment on campus where all students can thrive irrespective of their gender, class, caste, race, religion, language, nationality or any other kind of Promote and advocate active inclusion on campus and identity barriers towards the same.
  • Work with the academic programmes and offices of both (IFMR GSB School and the SIAS) the schools to create robust academic support services outside of the classroom for students struggling to cope with their academics or those who may need additional assistance in the form of academic bridge programmes and This could take the form of organizing workshops, tutoring programmes, specific skill driven programmes etc
  • Assist the Director and the team of counselors whenever necessary to improve mental health and wellbeing services on campus

Note: The roles and responsibilities outlined above are not meant to be an exhaustive list of tasks. The need for flexibility is required and the job holder is expected to carry out any other related duties that are within the employee’s skills and abilities

whenever reasonably instructed.

Skills and Education

  • At least a Master’s degree from a top tier institution will be required. Candidates with a degree in disciplines such as social work, psychology and related fields,sociology, education and other relevant social sciences programmes will be considered favorably
  • At least 3-5 years of work experience will be required. Work experience in fields such as education, student support services, social work, mental health support services, higher education administration will be desirable
  • Ability to interact sensitively and empathetically with all kinds of learners, persons with disabilities and students from different social backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to work proactively, take ownership and work autonomously with minimal supervision
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint etc
  • Strong organizational, project management skills with attention to detail
  • Ability to take up emergency assignments and perform them effectively
  • Ability to maintain high professional and ethical standards


Krea University is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from members of underrepresented groups.

Interested candidates please mail your CV and a cover letter to [email protected] and [email protected]. The subject line for the email should be Name_Application for Inclusive Learning Support.


Note : Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Krea is an equal opportunities employer. Remuneration will be competitive with Indian non-profit pay scales and will depend upon the candidate’s experience levels and the overall organization’s salary structure.