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Student community of IFMR GSB is a microcosm of India – we have students from all corners of the country, we have a healthy gender ratio within the student community, and students come from different academic backgrounds. A diverse student community not only promotes multiculturalism, but it also helps in deliberating on diverse views and perspectives, shaping the identity of each individual student. Student life at IFMR may be hectic, but never tiring, because of the fine balance of academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Student Life at IFMR GSB - A First-hand Account

“It all started for me on the sweltering afternoon of 1st June, 2018. The heat was unbearable, humidity out of the world. Still, I was there, standing like a knight in shining armour, staring blankly at the place which was going to be my home, college, university and everything for the coming two years.

It’s been two months since then and I am sitting in the comfort of my room writing this piece. Some wise man had once said, ‘Smooth sailing does not make a good captain, it is the rough seas, incessant rains and a battered ship which brings the best out of someone’. I find the same happening to me here at IFMR GSB.

At the time of induction, we were fortunate enough to interact with industry leaders like Mr. Vikas Mehta, Managing Director (Talent) Deloitte and Mr. TA Varghese, Head of Business HR, TCS. We were also fortunate to attend a 4-days’ workshop conducted by Mr. Shounak Chakraborty, a leading corporate motivation guru. Key takeaways from the workshop were about discipline, time management skills, tools for self-motivation, meditation techniques for fighting stress and negativity in life, goal setting and achievements.

Once the classes started, the greatest fear of a B-school came true. Consecutive and long lectures, sudden assignments, difficult timelines, unannounced quizzes and tests etc. Add to that, the late-night sessions for the activities of the clubs and committees. Soon, they all became routine and regular affairs - at first, it was really difficult to manage, coordinate, synchronize and assign priorities to so many things, but as it is said “time is the greatest teacher” we learnt along, some with good and some with bitter experiences.

The professors have been exceptionally great, and are doing a commendable job in keeping us motivated and charged up. As the batch has a diverse and healthy mix of engineers and non-engineers, great care has been taken by the Profs to maintain a healthy and competitive mix. I can proudly say I belong to a batch which has students from 22 states of India, a rare feat achieved by IFMR GSB and its greatest USP.

Our first event, the Freshers’, was a surprise altogether. I did not know the batch has such commendable talents in the form of professional singers, dancers, actors and speakers. The event actually gave my batch mates a much-needed platform to showcase their talents and skills. We also had a Flea Market where students (both the juniors and seniors) put up their stalls selling their ideas and products. The stalls were as varied as food from all over the country to the regional beverages, sweet dishes to fun events like bowling and sending subtle messages to your crush and beloved via balloons. It was an apt time to showcase the managerial, marketing and sales skills which students learned in their classes. The best thing about this was the feedback and input given by the Profs who were judging the stalls. They actually went around explaining the market models, scaling, and profitability to each and every team apart from judging them - one of the unique elements of IFMR GSB.

These two months have gone past as if it all started yesterday. Yes, time flies this quick at IFMR GSB. You learn, you fail, you collect yourself, and stand up again, and then you fail again, and finally you stand up twice as strong. Hard work, diligence, honesty, knowledge and perseverance are given utmost importance, and you start experiencing these values once you join IFMR. The way of talking, presenting oneself to a group, prioritizing things, carrying self at times of overwhelming stress and pressure are some of the many skills I have acquired in these two months.

At the end, I would like to quote some lines from the Indian Army which really helped me at IFMR – ‘Accept Responsibility for your Life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, No one else’.”

– Ashish Kumar Bastia

1st year MBA Student, IFMR GSB at Krea University

August, 2018

Students’ Wall of Fame

Students Council

Student council is an elected body of representatives from the student community. They represent the student fraternity acting as the link between the management & students. The student council will act in close liaison with the management and ensure seamless functioning of the student affairs. This council will facilitate the functioning of various clubs & committees of the student community and ensure they work in synergy to provide maximum value for the students and the school.

The student council will be pro-active in addressing student concerns in academic & non-academic affairs. Students Council may be contacted at: studentcouncil@ifmr.ac.in

Office Bearers:

Nandan Sudheer, President

Nandan Sudheer is a second year MBA student from Kochi. Nandan has worked in multiple startups as Team Lead & CSM and has been an entrepreneur with a campus startup during his Undergraduate days. He is a Google I/O Extended – 2019 speaker and offers sessions on Startup growth & business plans to Engineering graduates across the country.

As the President of IFMR GSB Student Council, his primary responsibility is to work with the management and represent the students in addressing their grievances and issues. He will work with the council to ensure seamless functioning of the student affairs of the school and enhance the learning experience to the highest level possible. He is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Technology, current affairs & Politics.

Kailash Swamynathan, Treasurer

Kailash is a Second year MBA student from Chennai. As the treasurer of the Student council, Kailash will ensure that the funds allocated are used in wise and effective ways. He shall make sure that all the clubs & committees’ requirements are met and functions smoothly. As part of the council, Kailash will work closely with the president and his colleagues in ensuring all the student requests & grievances are addressed in a timely fashion.

Kailash has more than 2 years of experience working in the industry and preparing himself to be an entrepreneur with a difference after he graduates.

Soham Mitra, Chief Election Officer

Soham is a second year MBA student from Kolkata. As the Chief Election Officer (CEO), Soham will ensure fair elections and smooth operations of the student clubs & committees of the school. He is very passionate about Football and had been working with TCS for more than 30 months. Soham emphasizes in collaborative functioning of the student council and the administration to provide maximum value for the students. Soham believes in networking and loves meeting & interacting with new people.

Students’ Committees


Abhyudaya, the flagship event of IFMR GSB is hosted every year in the month of February, at Sri City campus. Abhyudaya is a management and cultural conclave that features a potpourri of events and competitions that incorporate elements of various fields of management.

During the three day jubilation, we host eminent personalities who add charm and energy to the event with their presence. The event witnesses dynamic competitions which judge and evaluate the competencies and capacities of every participant on a very diverse set of management and cultural events hosted at the conclave. Students from nation's premiere management institutes participate in this event.

Admissions Committee:

Team Genesis, the Admission Committee of IFMR GSB facilitates the on-boarding of the fresh entrants to IFMR GSB. It acts as the intermediary between the MBA aspirants at IFMR GSB and the management team by maintaining personal contacts with the candidates, and solving the queries through various social media platforms. As a committee, it strives to promote the brand IFMR GSB by increasing the visibility of the brand, and disseminating information about the institute to the aspiring students.

"It All Begins Here" - the tag line of Genesis speaks it all.

Arthasabha – Finance Committee:

Tag line: “Lose to Earn”

Finance is the most crucial branch of any business and the heart of any organisation. It is not about managing money or anything complicated but just about getting money at appropriate cost and allocating money to get maximum benefit out of it. Arthasabha is not only about virtual trading, financial quizzes or any trading strategy which would help to make money but is much more than that. This time the bars of expectation have been raised which increases the learning. And to know what has changed, come and be a part of our journey.

B-Sportive - Sports Committee:

Enthusiasm is everything - it must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string. As the sports committee of IFMR, we strive to maintain a lively & cheerful environment in the campus. Management is not only about classes, presentations and group studies. The focus is more on bonding and sports as we know is the healthiest form of bonding. You sweat out the negativity, express yourself, and you have a lifetime of memories to cherish. We make sure that the students stay enthusiastic and active amidst the rigorous academic curriculum.

We conduct around 16 events in a year, with the main events being Gully cricket, Smash, IFMR Olympics, IPL and ISL. These events are the most awaited events of IFMR, students turn up in huge numbers for these tournaments. “Be Sportive” is our tagline and we abide by it fully and we have aptly chosen “Falcon” which symbolizes success, victory and rising above any situation. We make sure IFMR fraternity doesn’t miss out on the fun and stay on course towards holistic development. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and we ensure that there are no Jacks in the campus.

EDGE - Consulting Committee:

EDGE - The Consulting Committee of IFMR GSB, focuses on developing and inculcating the consulting mindset amongst the students of IFMR GSB by providing them with an opportunity to bring out the innovative business ideas, models, and present it to the outside world.

Activities conducted by the committee include analysis of short cases prepared by the students in collaboration with the in-house faculty and strong alumni network and coming up with innovative ideas, analysing existing real life scenarios from various verticals in the corporate world i.e. Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations. It involves consulting on real life problems faced by the business world and managing crisis by coming up with analytical solutions. Consulting committee of IFMR brings various domains of the business world under one single spectrum.

Entrepreneurship Committee:

The Entrepreneurship Committee of IFMR-GSB fosters entrepreneurial spirit among the students through innovativeness, knowledge sharing, mentorship, hands on experience, competition, networking and monitoring. We aim to transform the innovative ideas into viable business propositions.

Our objective is to ignite a spark within the students to take up innovative ideas and bring them to fruition. The vision of the club is to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in the student community of IFMR GSB.

External Relations:

External Relations Committee at IFMR GSB aims to maintain healthy relations with the external stakeholders via brand building, promotions and effective engagements. Apart from connecting industry leaders with the student community at IFMR GSB through guest lectures, the committee also strives to provide a plethora of opportunities to the students like live projects at companies, enabling students to participate at external events, promoting events at IFMR GSB to the external world, and sharing important updates and success stories with all stakeholders.

Food and Hostel Committee:

As you know Food & Hostel committee handles all the non-academic issue related to Students on the campus.

Key responsibilities of 'The food and hostel committee' at IFMR-GSB include handling student grievances related to there stay at the college; liaison between students and management, advising the administrative hierarchy on student conduct and discipline. The committee is the Student interface for all non-academic correspondence in campus related to food, hostel property/maintenance, IT, discipline, inspections etc.


We redefine entertainment. As the name suggests, ‘Laasya’ spreads happiness by extracting the best talents of IFMR and enhance their knack for cultural development. A well organised event looks effortless on the surface but behind is an event management team who has planned, planned and planned down to the absolute finest details. This is where we step in. From Fresher’s to Farewell, we make our mark on every occasion. Amidst all the hustle-bustle of MBA life, we bring in a stress buster every Friday night by screening movies and sports events.


Markaholics, the Marketing Committee of IFMR, works towards fostering an interest in marketing, which needs the aid of practical examples and a display of real-time application of concepts that facilitates learning.

It aims to provide exposure to various marketing concepts and strategies and to develop a culture of learning through participation. It also looks to provide a broad experience for the students by organizing talks, panel discussions, workshops, case competitions and series of marketing events all-round the year.

Placement Committee:

Placement and Corporate Relations Committee is a student body responsible for coordinating and streamlining all the placement and corporate activities, guided by illustrious faculty members, chairman placements, and career service managers. it is a team of highly dedicated and proactive students working synergistically to achieve the common goal of attracting the most suitable profiles from the most renowned organizations.

The key operating spheres of the Placement and Corporate Relations Committee include organizing corporate interactions, workshops, developing the student brochure, student’s skill job mapping, organizing placement related events, and giving the students an insight about the in vogue industrial trends through conclaves and seminars. The Placement and Corporate Relations Committee is pivotal in developing and sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the corporate houses.


Philosophy: “Give your hands to serve, and hearts to love”.

Samarthan, the social service committee of IFMR GSB, works on a motto of creating a difference in the lives of the under privileged. Its vision is to instil a sense of social responsibility towards the development and improvement of society for sustainable and inclusive development. Samarthan provides a platform to the fraternity to provide their share of humanity back to the society, which is beyond text books and corporate world, and thus making the world a better place.

The committee organises events throughout the year one of them being Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav - its flagship event - which hosts orphan kids on campus and makes their day special and worth remembering. Other events include Bal Vikas- an yearlong ongoing skill development programme for the children in the nearby schools, Blood Donation Drive, fundraising events for various social issues (Kerala Flood Donation Drive in 2018, and UTSARG - cloth collection drive in 2019), fulfilling children’s Christmas wishes through the Wish Tree Event and Workers’ Day – an event of gratitude to honour the workers in campus who work every day to make the in campus residents’ lives better and comfortable.


Sanchalan is a student-driven initiative, committed towards enhancing the skill sets expected from students to excel in the field of Operations and Information Technology (IT). Sanchalan has been in continuous business of promoting Operations and IT at IFMR GSB by regularly conducting interactive events, contests, quizzes, workshops, conclaves and guest lectures. The committee has been putting continuous efforts to provide hands-on experience to students in the field of Operations and IT, trying to bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom and the actual practices carried out in the real world.


Synergy, the HR committee of IFMR GSB, brings together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management and inspire them to realize their potential through various activities conducted by the committee throughout the year. The plethora of activities range from seminars, conferences, guest lectures from HR executives to HR quizzes, games etc. By participating in these events students acquire important skills like decision-making, leadership, management, interpersonal communication, and understanding different perspectives which would guide them in becoming effective Human Resource professionals in future.

Clubs at IFMR GSB


“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances “

At IFMR-GSB the students of the Abhinay Club are passionate and have keen interest in Theatrical Activities like Street Plays, Mimes, Short Skits, Nukkad Nataks, Flash Mobs, etc. We believe that MBA students have to play different roles at different points in life. Thus, we consider Drama as a vital and constructive force in the society and an organisation which presents opportunities for a student to become more intimately acquainted with techniques of theatrical events. Also, opportunities are provided to all the students to present their dramatic skills and overcome the stage fear and face the crowd and public with full confidence.

Data Analytics:

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”

–Ronald Coase, Economist.

The Analytics Club is the latest addition to the long list of clubs in IFMR GSB. Formed in February, 2019, the club is in its nascent stages but aim to provide the students a platform to test their skills on a competitive area.

The club plans on being the bridge between the students and the real world of analytics by conducting various events over the academic year. It also aims to promote the increasing importance of data analytics in the real world, thus helping prepare the students for what lies after.

Model United Nations (MUN):

Model United Nations(MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations, where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve the real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

MUN at IFMR is a student organization run by a dedicated staff with an interest in international relations. We are one of the few comprehensive B-schools in India that has the ability to host a college MUN conference. The objective of the conference is that every delegate should produce, lobby support for, debate and pass a resolution on the topic areas within their respective councils.


Nritya is the dance club in IFMR. The club does not only celebrate dance, it also ensures in giving a steady dose of entertainment, traditional value, recreation or even a simple act of joy. The purpose of the club is not to just lay our feet on the dance floor but to enjoy each step along the way. The club is a medium for students who have the zeal towards dance and wanting to express their emotions and feelings by being a part of this physical activity.

Nritya is always enthusiastic and proud to be associated with all the social exercises and significant celebrations held in IFMR like Freshers, Farewell, Independence Day, Insania and festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Dandiya Night and Christmas. The club organizes various dance competitions in Abhyudaya, the flagship cultural event of IFMR GSB. Thus, we make a step ahead in making ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) a reality.

Quiz Club:

Q-Team, the quiz club of IFMR GSB, works towards bolstering the need for spreading knowledge with respect to various fields and domains in order to diversify and broaden the horizon of aspiring MBA graduates. It focuses on imparting knowledge to students irrespective of whether the questions asked are from the past or present. It highlights the importance of framing questions in such a way that the answers do not require a lot of brain storming but just an application of common sense and knowledge of current affairs. The club also hosts various events during Abyudhaya, our flagship event, with exciting questions, answers, adventures and prizes galore.

Raga – The Music Club:

The Music Club at IFMR GSB, Krea University is a team of dedicated singers and musicians. We are a medley of mixed cultures, striving to entertain many happy souls and touching lives at IFMR GSB. We host our flagship inter college event under Abhyudaya – the Battle of the Bands, which is a competition between bands.

Apart from performing in several intra college events, we also host standalone intra college events for all music lovers like Fun-Takshari, Karaoke Night and Sargam. These events provide a platform to people to bring out their hidden talent of music. The events have been carefully created and crafted keeping in mind the linguistic diversity at the campus which makes our events special.


Established in 2015, IFMR Photography club provides a supportive environment for the people within IFMR GSB community who are interested in photography by sharing their cognizance and excellence. In addition to capturing all the happenings at IFMR GSB, this club also organizes intra-college photography competitions and photo walks so as to promote the art of photography in the community.

Speakers’ Club:

The club that opens up avenues for debate, discussion and dialogue.

The club that entails and encompasses the nuances of speaking and oratory, both public and private. The club that actually makes public speaking, debating and discussion fun...

The club that makes you corporate ready...

Women in Business:

Purpose: Empowering the real architect of the society.

Women in Business (WIB) is an initiative that is conceived and proposed by a team of young passionate students of the IFMR GSB with the aim to encourage, inspire, motivate, challenge, empower and create awareness among those women who have exhibited the grit, interest and drive to achieve and create a positive impact on the society.