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At Krea University, we believe in a holistic approach to education we call interwoven learning, based on a set of guiding principles we see as essential for a transformative and cutting-edge college experience. We believe that a deep engagement with our interwoven philosophy and approach — teaching, learning, research, and life — will prepare students for the challenges the future holds, helping them unpack a complex and intricate tapestry of relationships among humans, machines, and nature in ways that will transform the world. As a metaphor, interweaving signals a braided imagination, the creation of a fabric of togetherness in which varied knowledge systems cohere to constitute the warp and the weft of human endeavour and innovation.

Whereas interdisciplinary learning shows us how to combine methodological toolkits from different domains, interwoven learning is something larger, manifesting as a field of consciousness from which each learner will proceed towards a richer understanding of an oftentimes messy and chaotic world. Students will gain a deep awareness and respect for the dynamic interwovenness of all disciplines, exploring multiple ways of thinking to arrive at holistic and layered solutions. They will be encouraged to observe and analyse how different strands of knowledge from the arts, sciences, and humanities converge, coalesce, and diverge in order to enrich themselves and one another.

Students will develop a sense of place as they learn to think, reflect, communicate, create, collaborate, and act in a host of different contexts and learning situations. They will uncover deeper interconnections among disciplines, individuals, communities, cultures, and reality at large. They will also learn how to learn, re-learn and unlearn, become flexible, nimble thinkers and doers who can adapt to fast- changing environments with grace, humility, confidence, and ease.

Every student at Krea will engage in multi-directional refinement of knowledge and wisdom through interwoven learning, right from the intensive and eclectic first year experience we offer to the rigorous capstone thesis in the third and final year. Every major at Krea will be writing intensive, interdisciplinary, and research based; focus on ethics and the historicity of different ideas, concepts, and practices; provide immersive experiences; develop awareness of data analytics and the impact of rapidly evolving technologies on disciplines and communities; and raise questions about different domains of knowledge and their relationship to the world in which we live.