Governing Council

The Governing Council of Krea University play a pivotal role in setting the strategic goals and direction of the university and work closely with the management for achieving them.

Academic Council

The Academic Council provides direction to promote teaching, design curriculum, research and related activities for the improvement of the academic value in different faculties.

Board of Management

The illustrious leaders on the Board of Management of Krea University provide the crucial policy decisions and ensure efficient management of Human, physical & financial resources.


The team at Krea University consists of industry veterans with vast experience and functional expertise who ensure seamless delivery of the Krea experience to all the stakeholders.

SIAS Faculty

The faculty at SIAS are some of the finest academic minds drawn from top universities around the world. Their collective vision will co-create Interwoven Learning at Krea.

IFMR GSB Faculty

The faculty of IFMR GSB are a team of individuals with rich academic and industry experience, handpicked for their outstanding research contributions and passion.