Vice-Chancellor's Message

Mahesh Rangarajan, PhD

Vice-Chancellor, Krea University

It is an honour and privilege to join Krea University as Vice Chancellor and as Faculty. Even more so as a member of the vibrant Krea community.

There is a larger context to this moment. The pandemic and climate change put societies as much as individuals to the test. Meanwhile, the quest for peace and human dignity for all remain vital.

Any meaningful response to contemporary challenges needs new ways of thinking and more creative engagement with a more uncertain world.

Krea represents an idea whose time has come. In this context, a University is defined by what it stands for.

At the heart of our effort is the idea that ethical and humane concerns require breadth as much as depth of learning.  This approach runs like a thread across the different schools, divisions and centres that make up the Krea Community. 

The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences goes beyond a silo based approach to disciplines. Its divisions, Literature and the Arts, the Sciences and the Social Sciences help foster a holistic world view. Undergraduate students specialise in core disciplines but have a wider appreciation of different kinds of knowledge and learning.

The IFMR Graduate School of Business combines its well-earned reputation in finance with training on new emergent issues in the world of business. The global and Indian milieu require a mix of core competence with adaptive thinking in an uncertain world. Its post graduate business programme stands out in this respect.

Innovative thinking that relates to practice is our watchword. The Research Centres at IFMR focus on critical and complex development challenges to enhance socio-economic progress.

Krea is also establishing interdisciplinary centres at the pan University level. In the coming years we aspire to develop a robust on-line learning framework as we continue our focus on interdisciplinary research.

To achieve and accomplish these goals, the University community needs diversity and inclusion at all levels. This is part of our core mission.

Krea is home to students from over 19 states of India. It is also a vibrant learning ground for faculty cohorts from around the world. Nearly 40% of our undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance from Krea. Our business school enrols over 35% aspiring young women business leaders. The University is in the process of evolving best practices for inclusive access for all including the differently abled.

On an equal footing is our commitment to the environment.  The University, in its new campus as well as the existing site, will implement green norms on resource and land use. In a small but important way, this will reduce our own environmental footprint.

We aim for critical thinking and team work, and the ability to draw on one’s own core disciplinary insights but in ways that go beyond silo disciplinary approaches.

Education in its widest sense, to equip and prepare the citizen to make meaningful contribution in society and to the world at large, has perhaps never been more crucial.

At Krea, we aspire to help think afresh and anew about the larger predicament, in a meaningful and significant way. Our journey on this path will continue even as we set ourselves to craft one of India’s youngest, and most exciting and innovative universities.

The Krea journey continues without a pause.