Vice- Chancellor's Note

Sunder Ramaswamy, PhD

Vice-Chancellor, Krea University

The challenges of the 21st century are substantially different in scale, scope and pace. The language of machines is becoming predominant, as we step into the fourth Industrial revolution, where many manual jobs are on the verge of becoming things of the past. Climate change and vagaries of nature are creating newer challenges too. Re-imagining our education systems and enabling our students to become agile, adaptable, ethical and purposeful leaders is extremely important today.

At Krea, we believe in a holistic approach to education we call interwoven learning, based on a set of guiding principles we see as essential for a transformative, cutting-edge university experience. Though global in aspiration, our roots are in India – a country with 1/6th of the world’s humanity which provides a wonderful canvas for us to experience and educate the next generation about the interplay of Man, Machine and Nature.

It is against this backdrop, that I invite you to explore the various opportunities offered by the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences and IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea.

The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences weaves together the traditional humanistic approach of liberal arts with a recognition that quantitative and technical skills are increasingly important – as the mark of a well-rounded mind and individual. So, while the emphasis is on courses such as literature and philosophy, we also ensure that our students are comfortable with data analysis, quantitative reasoning, computational concepts, and so on. Liberal arts have traditionally been about broad ways of thinking, and here at Krea we combine it with the recognition that specific, hard skills are also important in this day and age.

The IFMR Graduate School of Business has already established itself as a leader in the MBA and research space, with a rich array of distinguished professors, internships in industry, and other collaborative learning opportunities to develop business and leadership skills. The school’s Placement office has an excellent track record and is continually working to expose newer and varied companies to the rich array of IFMR GSB student talent.

LEAD – a preeminent research and action institute in India with a portfolio of more than 200 studies and evaluations, and a global network of over 300 partners ranging from NGOs, academics, corporates, governments and donors – further enriches the Krea ecosystem. It presents an excellent opportunity for students, researchers, and experts to collaborate on interdisciplinary and interwoven research and capacity building initiatives in the domains of financial inclusion, small business and entrepreneurship development, governance and health.

At Krea University, our professors are not only excellent researchers but also dedicated teachers who mentor students through their course work and study. We also host a number of adjuncts and practitioner professors who bring the ‘real world’ directly into the classroom.

Exposed to the essential skills of Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Computational Ability, Creativity, and Communication, students at Krea are trained to make connections across disciplines. They also develop strong roots within a discipline, with firm connections between the ‘real world’ and the classroom led academic world. Most importantly, they become self-directed learners and doers.

I welcome you to be a part of this journey at Krea.