Officiating Vice-Chancellor’s Message

S Sivakumar

PhD, Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

Officiating Vice-Chancellor, Krea University

Education enables us with knowledge. 

The Sangam poem from Naaladiyaar,  

அலகுசால் கற்பின் அறிவுநூல் கல்லாது

உலகநூல் ஓதுவ தெல்லாம் – கலகல


declares that knowledge is limitless and to learn only its material aspects is an empty achievement. It is vital to grasp the true and fundamental tenets of wisdom. However, comprehending the limitless is not easy. The purpose and goal of education should be to teach (and learn) how to learn, so that learning becomes a lifelong activity, allowing us to explore at least a part of the limitless. Education must help us go beyond the known, apart from making us humane intellectuals.

At Krea University, we strive to impart the relevant skills, core values and discipline-specific knowledge for us to achieve this ideal of true wisdom. The history of science tells us that we acquire a conception of nature by relating microscopic and telescopic studies. Akin to that process, every student of Krea develops a perspective through their chosen disciplines, relating their learnings from various contexts such as specific to general, empirical to analytical, and pragmatic to ideal. And all these endeavours can be fun and engaging, although hard work, perseverance and knowing when to seek help are essential.

It is inspiring that we have a professional and dedicated faculty, staff and management engaging with the enthusiastic students of Krea as they embark on a journey to be transformed into individuals who can navigate an unpredictable world and thereby lead others along the way. Krea’s research centres, established and emerging, engage in knowledge creation that enables diversity, inclusivity and equity in society. We will continue to expand our faculty/staff strength, infrastructure and digital platforms to make this university a great destination for higher education and impactful research.


That I am a part of this endeavour is fulfilling indeed!