Kshitij Amodekar

Kshitij Amodekar

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Kshitij Amodekar is an experienced sustainability leader & Architect with over 13 years of work experience in the built environment leading teams and projects ranging from Urban Sustainability Plans through to Zero energy buildings and Corporate Sustainability Policy.
He has expertise in climate resilient design for buildings, master plans and cities. Kshitij has a multidisciplinary experience, projects across the world like Wuxi Housing (China), Grayling well Masterplan, UK (Zero Carbon Housing), Dubai Green Building Guidelines and Masdar (Abu Dhabi). He holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from University of Pune and M.Sc. degree from University College London in Environmental Design and Engineering. He was associated with organizations like SEED engineering consultants Pvt Ltd, Arca Verde Pvt Ltd, Vigor Renewables and WSP Environment and Energy.

He has worked in policy framework and design strategies for diverse projects from urban scale to building scale. He works with the inspiration to evolve current business practices and design approach to cater to the environment and sustainability to achieve targets for Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. He is devoted to the cause of reduction of GHG emissions to mitigate climate change impacts through the sustainable business policies, Renewable energy, building design (active and passive) and LZC (low or zero carbon technology).

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