Even as the world attempts to trudge its way back into a world that once was – normal, as we called it – we, at Krea, decided to huddle, in the way that we know best – The Krea Communiqué, our newsletter.

TKC, as we at the Communications team, call it for short, assumes a slightly different avatar, going forward – both in terms of form, design, and content. After all, change – and we have all, universally, learnt it the hard way – is the only constant, right? We believe that TKC is our way of raising a toast to the Krea ecosystem – its people, spaces, stories, and things – and seamlessly weaving them together so they all have a classic identity of their own but are part of the overall Krea fabric that is as interwoven as it is diverse, as inclusive as it is sustainable.

We believe that TKC is our way of raising a toast to the Krea ecosystem - its people, spaces, stories, and things and seamlessly weaving them together So they all have a classic identity of their own but are part of the overall Krea fabric that is as interwoven as it is diverse, as inclusive as it is sustainable

We took a little detour this edition and we may choose to travel this way for a while, in the hope that these wanderings will allow us room to explore, discover, interact and intersect with not only those who belong here but also those who believe in the vision of what we stand for and therefore are its ambassadors, its cheerleaders, its envoys!

In a month that is dedicated to celebrate women - and we read somewhere that the International Women’s Day is merely to reiterate the importance of how we remember to never forget our journey towards gender equality in a world so divided – TKC is an ode to women, and the worlds they inhabit.

We are privileged to have the voices of the forerunners of the Krea vision as we are equally excited about those that silently work behind-the-scenes.

In addition to a handful of interviews, conversations, a photo story and a feature on The Girls of Krea, we also have a compilation of all the many interesting news and happenings trending in the world of Krea. We have attempted to compile it in a way that you get a glimpse also of the many campaigns we run on our social media handles in an attempt to amplify the voice and world of Krea in a manner that is authentic and exciting.

If you like what you see, it’d mean the world to us if you took a moment off your schedule to drop us a note. If you didn’t like what you just saw, we are always open to constructive criticism and want to ensure that we continue our quest to craft stories that are honest, important and those that matter, to all of us who belong here and those who aspire to be part of the vision that Krea stands for!

For now, let’s just raise a toast to the women here, and to the many women who know, and don’t!

Akhila Krishnamurthy
Director - Communications

In Focus with
Dr Vishakha N Desai

on gender equality, a sustainable future, social attitudes, as a woman in different cultural contexts and the way forward to equal rights for women

Dr Desai, the theme for the International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’. Why, according to you, is every word in this year’s theme crucial?

The phrase sustainable future, implies that it would be a future that would have consistency, a clear path and continuous renewal. Such a world is not possible if half the human race is not fully involved in creating that future. Equality doesn’t just mean participation but also equity of ownership, where women not only need a place at the table but also have the capacity to change the shape of the table, if necessary, to create a more sustainable future. Read More



A veteran from the area of Strategy and Management at IFMR GSB sits down with an ethnomusicologist from the world of Humanities and Arts at SIAS. An exchange from worlds intersected, in stark contrast yet drawing the parallels. Prof Shobha Das, Area Chair – Strategic Management at IFMR GSB and Dr Sumitra Ranganathan, Senior Assistant Professor of Music, SIAS got together for a very special exchange of ideas and perspectives on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Read More

Research in action


Urban Women Most Impacted by Job Losses Due to COVID: A powerful report by IWWAGE

Initiative for What Works to Advance Women and Girls in the Economy (IWWAGE) aims to build on existing research and generate new evidence to inform and facilitate the agenda of women’s economic empowerment.

IWWAGE reported that two in five urban women were impacted by job losses during the first wave of the pandemic, owing to the unnatural development of dual workload of domestic care work and paid work. Read More


The Champions

Govindamma, Amulu, Chinamma and Padmavathi- these sheroes are the lifeline of the Krea campus at Sri City and the administration office at Chennai. Often anonymous, they are central to our daily operations and lives and we wholeheartedly appreciate their contribution to making the Krea journey, one of a kind. Here is a big wave of gratitude, from us to these champions. You are, hence we are.


The Girls of Krea

Say hello to some of the young trailblazers at Krea

Five young girl students at Krea open up about their journey at Krea and trace their experiences through this incredibly diverse community. Coming from different and varied backgrounds, both educational and otherwise, their steadfast belief in diversity at Krea runs parallel across their stories. Tracing back to the day they stepped into Krea up until today, these bright young minds have paved their ways with an indomitable spirit. Read more on their multifaceted evolution and that one encounter at Krea which spilt out of checked boxes and made them believe that Krea is truly diverse, that Krea’s home. Read More


This February and March, the Krea community witnessed moments of new beginnings, celebrations, discoveries and achievements.

We celebrated the International Mother Language Day with our multilingualism, and moved on to harnessing our spirit of enquiry as we counted down to the National Science Day with 'Scientifically Yours'.

March-ing Forward was our token of gratitude, shining the spotlight on the Sheroes of Krea, and this World Wildlife Day we spent some time viewing the wild through the lens of the Krea community.

We also launched IFMRpedia, a facts and trivia series to discover the rare and lesser-known facts of IFMR.

In some exciting news, two young SIAS students, Aditi Rajesh and Mitul Aggarwal founded their entrepreneurial venture TURNIP while Shreyasi Patil facilitated a design thinking workshop for UG students in the remote town of Kalasa.

All this and much more, here is a round up of what was #trendingatkrea


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