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Krea and LEAD join forces to harness synergies in research

Krea and LEAD join forces to harness synergies in research

Chennai 17th September 2019: KLEAD, an action oriented research centre of IFMR Society, a not-for-profit society registered under the Societies Act, leverages the power of research, innovation and co-creation to solve complex and pressing challenges in development.

LEAD now has strategic oversight and brand support from Krea University, sponsored by IFMR Society to enable synergies between academia and the research centre. Building on a strong foundation, this presents an excellent opportunity for students, researchers and experts to collaborate on interdisciplinary and interwoven research and capacity building initiatives.

For over a decade now, LEAD (Leveraging Evidence for Access and Development) has been at the forefront of action-oriented research in financial inclusion, small business and entrepreneurship development, governance and health. LEAD has more than 200 studies and evaluations to its credit, the institute has trained more than 900 development practitioners, and established a global network of over 300 partners ranging from NGOs, academics, corporates, governments and donors.

LEAD and its other initiatives like ‘Initiative for What Works to Advance Women and Girls in the Economy (IWWAGE)’ (an initiative for economic empowerment for women) and ‘Evidence for Policy Design (EPOD) India’ are focused on creating greater social impact.

According to Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice-Chancellor, Krea University, there is “…tremendous potential for exchange of ideas, skills and insights within the Krea ecosystem… these interactions will inspire young minds, further enhance the standard of teaching and learning, contribute to the nature and quality of research and nurture meaningful partnerships.”

“This marks a new and exciting chapter for LEAD, We see immense potential for undertaking innovative, data-driven research to address complex development problems, and co-creating initiatives with students and faculty to amplify our impact” says Sharon Buteau, Executive Director, LEAD.

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